One Piece Author Asks ChatGPT To Write Story, Bot Satisfies Him On 2nd Try

One Piece Author Asks ChatGPT To Write Manga Story, Will Use It In Next Chapter

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that’s currently on everyone’s lips, with people testing it out in all kinds of situations.

We already know that it can describe Singapore with humour, but can it write manga stories?

Mr Eiichiro Oda, creator of popular manga One Piece, decided to see if it could do part of his work for him.

Source: @eiichiro.oda on Instagram

He asked ChatGPT to write a One Piece story, and the bot produced something satisfactory on only its second try.

One Piece author asks ChatGPT for ‘entertaining’ story

In a tweet on 22 Feb, the One Piece official account shared a clip of Mr Oda’s interaction with ChatGPT.

It shows him asking the bot a “forbidden” question: Could you come up with a One Piece story for me?

Claiming that he couldn’t think of a storyline for the next chapter, he wanted ChatGPT to produce an “especially entertaining” one.

Source: @Eiichiro_Staff on Twitter

ChatGPT spins new story in seconds

After just a few seconds, ChatGPT spun an entire story about a new villain called the “King of Shadows”.

He kidnaps Chopper, and the Straw Hat Pirates come together to defeat him and rescue Chopper.

Source: @Eiichiro_Staff on Twitter

The bot even tried to sell the story to Mr Oda, saying the villain can control shadows. There’s also new friends and a shady race of shadow people.

However, Mr Oda was unimpressed, bluntly telling ChatGPT that the story is “boring”. He asked for another one.

Source: @Eiichiro_Staff on Twitter

ChatGPT quickly comes up with another story

Undeterred, ChatGPT simply apologised and promptly came up with another story after a wait of just a few seconds more.

This time, the Straw Hat Pirates meet an alien who fled its destroyed home planet.

Luffy and the others help the alien by defeating an evil witch on an island and rebuilding its home planet.

Source: @Eiichiro_Staff on Twitter

Author says he’ll use story for next chapter

In response, Mr Oda thanked ChatGPT, seemingly satisfied with its contribution.

He also said that he’ll “write it that way”, presumably for the next chapter.

Source: @Eiichiro_Staff on Twitter

To that, the bot replied that it was looking forward to it.

Next chapter will be released on 13 Mar

It remains to be seen whether the next chapter of One Piece will have this storyline.

According to Claystage, Chapter 1077 will be released on 13 Mar.

Source: @Eiichiro_Staff on Twitter

However, it’s uncertain which chapter Mr Oda had already finished when he enlisted ChatGPT’s help.

The series is still going strong after coming out with more than 100 volumes since it started in 1997. It’s said to be the best-selling manga series in history.

We guess One Piece fans will have to look out to see whether a story about an alien and witch is released soon.

And if it is, perhaps the bot will be writing more stories in future.

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