S’porean Asks ChatGPT To Describe S’pore With Humour, Bot Says It’s A Comically Small ‘Neat-Freak’

ChatGPT Describes Singapore As The Overachieving Neat-Freak Friend

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is all the rage now. In particular, AI chatbots like ChatGPT have been a hot topic for many, including here in Singapore.

Recently, a Facebook page Trust Me, I’m Singaporean decided to ask the AI chatbot to describe Singapore with a sense of humour.

And once again, ChatGPT rose to the challenge and impressed many, hilariously describing the country as “that neat-freak friend” that keeps everything clean, organised, and efficient.

Source: Trust Me, I’m Singaporean on Facebook

Many found the description surprisingly accurate and the Facebook post soon garnered over 700 shares.

ChatGPT says the size of Singapore is ‘almost comical’

Facebook page Trust Me, I’m Singaporean put in the prompt ‘describe Singapore with a sense of humour’ into ChatGPT. And the chatbot delivered.

It kicked things off by saying Singapore is like that “neat-freak friend” who vacuums their house every day and even alphabetises their spice rack.

ChatGPT went on to say everything is clean, organised, and efficient — so much so that one might wonder if a secret government agency is dedicated to keeping streets spotless.

Source: Trust Me, I’m Singaporean on Facebook

It gets better. “The country’s size is almost comical,” wrote the chatbot, referring to its small size.

Despite that, Singapore packs a punch with its skyscrapers, shopping malls, and futuristic architecture.

So much so that it makes one feel like they’re starring in a sci-fi movie.

Singapore’s food is so good it’s worth a flight over

ChatGPT was so thorough it did not leave out arguably the most important part about Singapore, our food.

It wrote,

The food in Singapore is so good that it’s worth booking a flight just to eat your way through the city.

ChatGPT gave a special mention to Malay curries, Chinese dim sum, and Michelin-starred hawker stalls, describing the food in Singapore as a “melting pot of cuisines”.

chatGPT Singapore

And of course, it had to talk about the locally beloved king of fruits — durian.

Though it is perhaps not put in the best light, being depicted as “so pungent it’s banned on public transportation”.

Overall, ChatGPT says, “Singapore is like the overachieving friend who always seems to have everything under control, even if it means sacrificing a little spontaneity and fun”.

Nonetheless, the Lion City promises a “clean and delicious time”, it said.

Netizens say it is an accurate description

With many netizens feeling that ChatGPT absolutely nailed its description of Singapore, the Facebook post soon went viral.

Source: Facebook

Some even proclaimed that this was why they love both ChatGPT and Singapore.

chatGPT Singapore

Source: Facebook

One netizen even decided to try their hand at giving ChatGPT a prompt, this time with a darker sense of humour.

Source: Facebook

For many, this result trumped the original Facebook post, with ChatGPT describing Singapore as “the land of strict laws, impeccable cleanliness, and delicious food — if you’re willing to pay an arm and a leg for it”.

chatGPT Singapore

Source: Facebook

It soon became the top-liked comment, garnering over 280 reactions at the time of writing.

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Featured image adapted from Jay Ang on Unsplash and Trust Me, I’m Singaporean on Facebook.

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