S’pore Man Tries Eating 10 Durians During All-You-Can-Eat Buffet, Gives Up After Just 2

Man Attempts To Eat 10 Durians During Buffet, Throws In Towel After 2

For durian lovers, munching on the king of fruits is a treat that they look forward to when the season arrives. But is it possible to eat 10 of them in a row without throwing up?

That was what a man from local media company Uncoversixtyfive attempted to find out recently.


DURIAN BUFFET for only $38! But how many can you eat? 😂 @LexusDurianKing #singapore #foryou #tiktoksg #fyp #sgfoodie

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He opted for an all-you-can-eat Mao Shan Wang buffet at Kovan, which lets patrons have their fill of durians for under S$40.

However, the reality of the situation fell short of his ambitions as he was only able to stomach two durians before giving up.

Man tries to eat 10 durians during all-you-can-eat buffet

In a TikTok video on 3 Jan, the man shared that he visited Lexus Durian King in Kovan, which offers an all-you-can-eat Mao Shan Wang buffet.

Source: @uncoversixtyfive on TikTok

Priced at S$38.80 for adults and S$15 for children under 12, customers can eat as many durians as they want for an hour.

Source: @uncoversixtyfive on TikTok

With free coconut water thrown in as well, it certainly sounds like paradise for avid durian enthusiasts.

Confidently claiming he’d be able to eat 10 whole durians in one go, the man sat down at a table to begin the feast.

Only manages 2 durians before giving up

The first few bites seemed to go down well as he enthusiastically praised the taste of the durians.

“I think I can really eat 10,” he declared.

Source: @uncoversixtyfive on TikTok

However, he began to slow down and tried asking his cameramen to help with finishing it all off. Needless to say, he was turned down.

With 50 minutes left on the clock, the man began to look a little queasy at the thought of continuing.

At the 30-minute mark, he finally threw in the towel shortly after gagging on a bite.

Source: @uncoversixtyfive on TikTok

Ultimately, he only managed to finish off 22 seeds — just two whole durians.

“I challenge any of you to eat 10,” he said, clearly exhausted at the end of his adventure. “If you can do it, I’ll pay for you.”

However, the man also had nothing but praise for Lexus Durian King and their fruits.

Source: @uncoversixtyfive on TikTok

“If you’re a durian lover, I think S$38.80 is worth the price,” he said. “The durians [are] also exceptionally good.”

Speaking to MS News, the man said that he felt “extremely bloated” and had some indigestion after the feast. However, he felt better within several hours and after drinking lots of water.

The experience hasn’t put him off durian buffets, especially now that he knows his limits. Should he attempt one again, he will remember to eat slowly and not rush to finish the durians. Regardless, he professed that he still loves durians.

For other first-timers keen on trying such a buffet, the man has this advice:

Eat till you’re happy, don’t overeat and force yourself till you feel sick. And take your time, it’s one hour long so don’t have to rush.

Not advisable to gorge on too many durians

The man’s failure to finish off 10 durians may have been a blessing in disguise.

As appetising as they may look, it can actually be risky to overindulge on the king of fruits.

According to Raffles Health, these fruits have a high calorie and sugar content. Not to mention, they’re also considered a “heaty food” with a “warming” property.

This means that gobbling down too much of them can put you at risk of a sore throat, mouth ulcers, constipation, or an increase in phlegm.

Pairing durians with beverages such as salt water, coconut water or green tea can help minimise these effects but not eradicate them completely.

If you’re looking to try out Lexus Durian King’s buffet, here’s how you can get there:

Lexus Durian King
1001 Upper Serangoon Rd #1001, Singapore 534739
Opening hours: 
Open 24 hours daily
Nearest MRT: Kovan Station

However, do practise moderation to avoid endangering your health.

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Featured images adapted from @uncoversixtyfive on TikTok.

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