Foodpanda Is Recruiting A ‘Chief Makan Officer’, Has $5,000 Monthly Allowance Just For Eating

Foodpanda Offers 3-Month Contract For ‘Chief Makan Officer’, With $5,000 Food Allowance Monthly

In Singapore, food is a sport, religion, pastime, social activity, and sustenance all in one. And certainly, many have made a career out of either selling, or eating food.

Foodpanda, however, want to make ardent foodies an offer they can’t refuse. If you’re someone who can’t tuck into your food without snapping a few shots for your social media profile, or are constantly on the lookout for new dining spots, read on.

They’re offering worthy individuals the prestigious role of Chief Makan Officer — and yes, it’s a paid gig.


The job posting is available on the Foodpanda website, and they’re offering a mouth-watering $5,000 allowance on top of $1,000 monthly for 3 months.

Foodpanda hiring Chief Makan Officer

According to Foodpanda, the job requires the following:

  • Getting around hawker centres “with your eyes closed”
  • Visiting restaurants for media tastings and content creation
  • Prophesising new foodie hotspots like brunch hangouts
  • Making people jealous of the sumptuous food you’re eating

If that sounds like your calling and you land the job, you’ll be given a 3-month contract starting 4 Jan 2021, with $1,000 monthly salary.

Additionally, $5,000 monthly allowance will be accorded for all the food you’ll have to buy.

So it’s free food, but must draw from allowance. Nightly sojourns at fancy restaurants like Odette or Les Amis might not last you the entire month.

However, you must be Singaporean or a Permanent Resident to apply.

Opportunity to work with Foodpanda as food influencer

Following the 3 months of makan-ing, you might be able to collaborate with Foodpanda after that as a full-fledged food influencer.

That said, Foodpanda mentions that they take no responsibly for any weight gain — undoubtedly a risk in any food-tasting job.

But if your metabolism is healthy, there should be no issues.

Live the dream as a Chief Makan Officer

To convince Foodpanda that you’re the chosen CMO, you can apply by sending them a 1-minute video here — be it a mukbang or some other creative endeavour.

The dateline is 15 Dec, so that’s half a month to make the video resume.

May the odds be ever in your favour, foodie, and if you know someone who might fit the bill, pass this along — even if you don’t get hired, maybe your friend will.

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Featured image adapted from Delivery Hero via Nikkei Asia.

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