Animal Lovers Allegedly Assault & Torture China Cat Abuser, Force Him To Consume Faeces

Animal Lovers Surround Alleged Cat Abuser & Assault Him

There’s nothing that riles up animal rights groups’ ire like hearing of people abusing defenseless animals.

But some animal lovers in China went too far when they decided to take things into their own hands and torture a suspected cat abuser.

Videos of the man being assaulted and being forced to consume faeces have recently been making their rounds online.

Source: 红星新闻 on Weibo

Local authorities from the Wuzhong district in Suzhou are now investigating the matter.

Alleged cat abuser in China forced to admit wrongdoings by animal lovers

The man, surnamed Lee, had reportedly adopted cats to torture them. According to the Global Times, some cats had died at his hands.

Lee had apparently been identified by an individual overseas after seeing him abuse cats in a video.

About 12 cat lovers were then notified about Lee’s plans to adopt a kitten at a commercial plaza.

On 25 Feb afternoon, the office worker in eastern Suzhou was surrounded by six people who shouted and hurled insults at him.

Source: Weibo

He was later taken to a separate location where he was forced to confess to his crimes and was assaulted.

Lee was heard admitting that he had killed five cats through various methods such as burning them with hot water and drowning them while the group cursed at him.

Made to slap himself and consume faeces

In multiple videos circulating on Weibo, the group was seen ordering Lee to slap himself.

man abuses cats china

Source: iFeng News

Seemingly left with no choice, he obeyed their instructions, rapidly slapping himself back and forth as they egged him on.

Lee was also made to kneel on the floor and confess to his abuse of the cats.

Besides that, the group of animal lovers are believed to have smeared faeces on his face, even forcing him to consume it.

man abuses cats china

Source: Weibo

According to a Weibo post, the faeces was human waste.

In one video clip, Lee could be heard begging the group not to keep torturing him.

Authorities investigating

Lee was reportedly assaulted throughout the night and left bruised and bleeding.

The group that attacked Lee was widely speculated to be from an animal rights group called Suzhou Small Animal Protection Volunteers Association (SSAPA).

However, the association later put out a statement on Weibo that they would not have resorted to such extreme and illegal measures. reported that local authorities from the Wuzhong district in Suzhou have now launched an investigation into the incident.

They stressed that they will treat the matter with utmost seriousness.

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Featured image adapted from 红星新闻 on Weibo and Weibo.

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