Jaywalkers In China Get Publicly Shamed, Faces Flashed On Screen For Everyone To See

Jaywalkers In China Publicly Shamed Via AI Camera

Over recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has proven extremely useful to different groups of people, be it through AI learning tools or enhanced search engines. It seems even traffic authorities in China have found a way to benefit from AI tools.

In a recent live stream on his trip in Shanghai, China, Twitch streamer Jake’n’Bake found that there were devices at pedestrian crossings which captured and subsequently flashed jaywalkers’ faces, seemingly to shame them for their wrongdoings.

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China authorities tap on AI surveillance technology to call out jaywalkers

In the video snippet posted on TikTok, Twitch streamer Jake’n’Bake shared an interesting observation he made while travelling in Shanghai, China.

Source: @livefailsshorts on TikTok

At pedestrian crossings, there were live-cameras on devices that reminded pedestrians to obey traffic laws.

The device would seemingly capture images of pedestrians who cross on a red light.

The offenders’ faces would subsequently be shown on a big screen with the caption “person suspected of violating the law” in Chinese.

Source: @livefailsshorts on TikTok

According to Gaoxin Public Security Bureau on Weibo, this is an initiative by authorities to collect evidence and clamp down on jaywalking.

Cameras installed on traffic lights would record videos of jaywalkers.

The smart system would then snap images of the offender at three different moments whilst they jaywalked, serving as evidence that they had violated the traffic laws.

Source: @livefailsshorts on TikTok

The system would simultaneously collect information on offenders’ facial features and compare the information against a biometrics database to identify them.

Source: Gaoxin Public Security Bureau on Weibo

It would then flash the offenders’ faces on a larger screen and warn them against jaywalking through an audio system.

TikTok users have mixed reactions to surveillance system

In the comments section of the Tikok video, many users weighed in on the unusual surveillance system.

Some netizens shared their approval of the system as a solution to stamping out jaywalking.

Source: TikTok

A handful of them even expressed their desire for such devices in their own countries.

Some, however, were critical of the system.

Expressing disapproval about how “controlling” it was to surveil people when crossing the road, some users said it reminded them of dystopian novels and films like ‘1984’, ‘Black Mirror’ and ‘The Orville’.

Source: TikTok

Others quipped that they would pose for the camera, or even intentionally walk slowly to get their five seconds of fame.

Source: TikTok

System is not new, has been in use since 2017

Unbeknownst to many, the system has actually been used in China since 2017, according to Daily Mail.

Source: @Sweet_82859 on Douyin via Daily Mail

The system was subsequently implemented in more areas of the country from late 2019.

In some other cities, ‘public shaming’ is done on an even ‘larger’ scale.

Xiangyang city’s surveillance system, for example, went viral in 2019 as offenders’ surnames and identification numbers were flashed on large billboards, alongside images of their faces.

Source: Daily Mail

It is unclear whether the offenders actually received any charges for their jaywalking crime.

Do you think this is a good way to dissuade jaywalking? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from @livefailsshorts on TikTok.

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