Choa Chu Kang Stall Sells $1 Nasi Lemak With Banana Leaf So You Can Eat It The Old School Way

Makcik Sells $1 Nasi Lemak Every Morning At Choa Chu Kang Stall

For those of us who enjoy big, hearty breakfasts, there’s nothing quite like a hot plate of nasi lemak, with a dollop of sweet and spicy sambal.


To cook some ourselves is a tall order, and to buy some every day is no less of a struggle. Thankfully, a stall in Choa Chu Kang (CCK) sells nasi lemak at such an affordable price that you wouldn’t even think twice about having it regularly.

Costing roughly the same as a cup of teh or kopi, this nasi lemak meal might be your next money-saving hack.

Nasi lemak stall is next to Choa Chu Kang coffeeshop

CCK residents who know their neighbourhood well may have come across a quaint stall at Blk 302, Choa Chu Kang Ave 4.

Located right next to the CCK302 foodhouse, the makcik manning the stall reportedly sells affordable nasi lemak.


Facebook user Shuib shared about the little gem last Wednesday (30 Dec).


Perhaps surprised by the rare find, many reshared his post to spread the word.

$1 nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaf

Nasi lemak connoisseurs would agree that the best way to eat the dish is atop a piece of fresh, green banana leaf to accentuate the aromas.

Unlike many places which have moved on to plastic, Styrofoam or paper containers, this makcik keeps things old school.


A piece of brown paper wraps around the banana leaf which cradles the rice and all its delicious sides together.

Shuib notes how such packaging is rare these days, implying the traditional authenticity of this particular version.

For all of $1, you’re set for a pretty filling meal, if we’re to judge based on the appearance of the packet alone.

Serving comes with fried fish

Before you assume that the content will be meagre because of the price, Shuib gives a sneak preview.


From the looks of it, the amount of rice appears quite generous, with ikan bilis and sambal in separate packets so you can add them to your liking.

Not forgetting the protein, a whole fish fried to a yummy crisp.

Besides guaranteeing a scrumptious breakfast, Shuib also describes the rice to be “power”, or absolutely delicious.

Support local businesses

As new food creations and business models emerge, it’s lovely to see traditional ones like this still surviving.

If you’d like to support the makcik, here’s how you can find her:

Address: 302 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #01-719, Singapore 680302
Nearest MRT: Choa Chu Kang Station

Locate the coffeeshop, and you should be able to find her stall nearby.

According to Shuib, she usually sells nasi lemak in the morning daily, so you should head down around that timing.

Any later, and you might just miss your golden opportunity.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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