Chocolate McFlurry In Taiwan Has Brownie Bits, Looks Like Creamy & Rich Tiramisu

Chocolate McFlurry In Taiwan Is Slightly Bitter So You Won’t Get Jelak As Easily

McFlurry is a go-to dessert for many of us when the heat gets unbearable. It’s affordable, tasty, and most importantly, cold as heck.


But if you think the McFlurry here is awesome, you’ll salivate at what our friends in Taiwan have.

McDonald’s Taiwan recently relaunched the Chocolate McFlurry, topped with brownie bits and choco powder, looking like creamy and gao tiramisu.


Chocolate McFlurry has brownie bits and choco powder

At first glance, the dessert might remind fans of the Hershey’s McFlurry that was released in Singapore last year.


But there are some subtle differences. Besides chocolate ice cream, the sweet treat is also topped with generous amounts of brownie bits and chocolate powder.


Unlike the conventional McFlurry, this ice-cream has a hint of bitterness, so you won’t get jelak as easily.

That said, remember to drink plenty of water after having this, since chocolate is known to be pretty heaty.


Unique designer packaging

Fans might also realise that the black-and-white packaging of the Chocolate McFlurry is different from McDonald’s typical look.


That’s because it’s specially designed by Taiwanese designer Apu Jan (詹仆).


Jan has also designed unique monochromatic packaging for McDonald’s other offerings, like burgers and fries.


Costs only S$3.05/cup

Though the Chocolate McFlurry has seemingly more ingredients than our conventional McFlurry, it’s still pretty affordable at ~S$3.05 (NTD 65) per cup.


Previously available in 2018, the dessert was re-released in early-May and will be sold at all Taiwan McDonald’s outlets until 30 Jun.

Sound out in the comments if you want to see it in Singapore

Sadly, with the Covid-19 situation happening around the world, we’ll likely not have the chance to try the Chocolate McFlurry.

But if you’d like to see it served at outlets in Singapore, sound out in the comments below. Who knows, folks from McDonald’s might just take note and make our wishes come true.

Featured image adapted from Instagram

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