Civet Suffered Burns After Entering Queenstown Kopitiam, Euthanised For Its Welfare: NParks

Civet Euthanised After Sighting At Queenstown Kopitiam

On 11 Nov, a civet was seen chilling in a Queenstown kopitiam, and pictures of it were posted on Facebook.

Young Civet Lepaks In One Corner At Queenstown Kopitiam, NParks Alerted

It was rescued after National Parks Board (NParks) was called.

Unfortunately, while the sight of a civet nestled near pipes was endearing, it had suffered some burns after entering the coffee shop.

A veterinarian also assessed that the civet was in poor health condition even before the sighting. As such, they euthanised the civet on welfare grounds.

Civet seen in Queenstown coffeeshop euthanised

In response to MS News’ queries, Mr How Choon Beng, director of Wildlife Management and Outreach, said NParks was alerted to the civet’s presence at the coffeeshop and sent contractors trained in handling wildlife down,

The NParks contractors removed the civet and sent it to the zoo for a health assessment.

Unfortunately, he said the civet tested poorly in a Body Condition Score, reflecting its poor condition before its sighting.

It had also suffered burns from coming into contact with the coffee shop equipment.

As you can see from this image, the civet was sighted near a cluster of pipes.

Source: Brice Li on Facebook

Hence, according to Mr How, the civet was euthanised humanely on welfare grounds.

Do not corner or chase civets

NParks also said that civets are generally shy creatures.

It warned against cornering or chasing the animal if spotted, and you should keep calm and observe from a safe distance, as they may attack if provoked.

You can call NParks’ Animal Response Centre at 1800-476-1600 if:

  • A civet is trapped in your house and unable to leave on its own
  • The civet appears to be injured
  • You require further advice on civet-related issues

Most of all, don’t be alarmed. It’s unfortunate that the civet was already in poor condition.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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