10 Stages Of Chinese New Year As Explained By Japanese Macaques

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We usher in the year of the monkey with…monkeys

CNY is upon us again, and we all know the drill.

So do Japanese Macaques.

Also known as snow monkeys, these primates are found in a wide range of habitats all over Japan. They are most photographed in Jigokudani’s onsens (hot springs), where they mingle freely with human visitors.

With their red faces and expressive eyes, these monkeys will show you how to usher in the Year of the Monkey the right way:

1. You get a daring new haircut that you really regret;

A Japanese Macaque, or Snow Monkey, soaks in a hot tub near Jigokudani in Japan.


2. Though that won’t stop you from feeling glam AF.

Glam monkey


3. You get to Grandma’s, and she doesn’t really approve of your all black outfit.

grandma monkey


4. Your nephews won’t leave you alone;

annoyed monkey 4


5. As do your aunts — “You got boyfriend already?”

Urgh monkey


6. So you stew for a bit;

angry single monkey


7. Then kidnap the box of love letters as an act of revenge.

monkey with snowball 2


 8. Your teenage cousin asks for a photo and you go for that well-rehearsed pose:

photogenic monkey


9. But you really look like this:

cui looking monkey


10. In the end, you realize you actually had fun during CNY, though you probably don’t mind doing it only once a year.

CNY monkeys


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Featured image via Flickr

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