Hougang Stall Apologises After Customer Finds Cockroach In Sugarcane Drink

Before consuming our food and drinks, it is crucial to inspect them first, as one man recently found out.

On Sunday (10 Oct), the man took to Facebook to share that he found a cockroach in a cup of sugarcane juice bought from a stall in Hougang.


The stall has since apologised and said they would close for cleaning to ensure this incident does not happen again.

Man finds cockroach in sugarcane drink

According to the Facebook post, the man shared that he had gone out to buy sugarcane juice as his son requested it for his birthday.

After buying 3 cups from a stall at Block 105 Hougang Avenue 1, he returned home only to find a dead cockroach floating in one of the sealed cups.


Thankfully, he caught sight of the “extra ingredient” before consuming the drink. He then decided to post about his encounter on Facebook to inform others.

Hougang stall apologises

The Facebook post garnered over 300 shares at the time of writing.

Soon enough, the drinks stall took notice of it and apologised to the man in the comments.


Seng Huat Traditional Coffee acknowledged the severity of the matter and said such an incident had never happened before.

Nonetheless, they will immediately close their kitchen for the next 2 days to conduct a thorough cleaning.

They assured all customers that they would do everything in their power to ensure such an incident will not occur again.

The stall also promised to update the man with photos of the cleaning process.

Food hygiene is of the utmost importance

Thankfully, the man and his family managed to spot the cockroach before consuming the food.

While the onus is on F&B stalls to ensure the food they serve is sanitary and up to standard, it certainly doesn’t hurt for customers to double-check for safety purposes.

We hope this incident serves as a reminder for stalls to keep their surroundings clean and prioritise food hygiene, especially in times of an ongoing pandemic.

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Featured image adapted from Yash Lawrence on Facebook