Kleenex Toilet Paper Offer At Cold Storage For $2.85/Pack Until 30 Apr

Remember when everyone was stocking up on toilet paper a year ago due to lockdown rumours?

Well, time has passed and supermarkets are well-stocked — hopefully with no future lockdown in sight.

Cold Storage has an offer for branded toilet paper such as Kleenex for all your sanitary needs, until 30 Apr.

Cold Storage has branded toilet paper sale until 30 Apr

According to Ms Low on Facebook group 走,新加坡 (Let’s go, Singapore), Cold Storage supermarkets have a sale on certain toilet paper brands such as Kleenex.


Kleenex, as you may know if you shop for groceries, is usually pricier than your average TP rolls.

But with price comes the quality assurance that your bum won’t be sore after you’re done with your business.

After all, Kleenex TP rolls are not only 3-ply but also soft and thicc.

From now until 30 Apr, they’re retailing at Cold Storage for just $2.85/pack (U.P. $7.95).

Now you can get the best of both worlds in both quality and price.

Also on offer is the less-known but also well-priced Feathersoft 3-ply TP rolls.


They’re now being sold for 2 for $5.30 — for those with sensitive bums, this might just be what you seek.

May not be sold at all outlets

While the offer applies to every local Cold Storage outlet, a netizen informed that some places have run out of the TP rolls on offer.

The netizen noted that Takashimaya, Centrepoint, Paragon, and Plaza Singapura outlets seem to have run out of those on offer.


They may or may not be restocked as of today, however.

You may wish to check out your nearest Cold Storage outlet to see if they’re still in stock.

Give your butt the best

Most of us may balk at getting branded TP rolls due to their pricing.

But our body is a temple, after all, and it deserves the best especially for hygiene and sanitary purposes.

So if you’re lucky enough to spot these thicc offers, remember to save some for the rest of us.

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