Commuter Tries To Open Doors On Moving MRT Train, Also Lies Down At Ang Mo Kio Station

Commuter Who Tried To Pry Open MRT Doors Was A Man Wearing A Dress, Says SMRT

No matter how many times the MRT breaks down, commuters in general still feel very safe in it.

But it takes just one shocking action to shatter this feeling of safety — for example, if a fellow commuter tries to force open the doors of a moving train.

That’s precisely what happened this week, which seemed to alarm passengers.

Source: Facebook

The same person was seen lying on the floor at Ang Mo Kio station.

Commuter seen laying hands on MRT doors

In a video circulating on Facebook, a person wearing a black spaghetti-strapped top, pink skirt and spectacles was seen standing in front of a set of train doors.

The person, whose hair was tied in a ponytail, had their hands on the doors as if trying to push them apart by sheer force.

Buildings and trees could be seen through the windows as the train ran past them.

Commuter manages to open a gap in MRT doors

Eventually, the commuter’s efforts seemed to pay off when they managed to open a gap between the doors.

Source: Facebook

This appeared to alarm at least one female passenger, who shouted at the commuter.

A man also confronted the person, who then let go of the doors. He told them to “wait for the next stop”.

Person seen lying on the floor at Ang Mo Kio station

Some photos that appear to be linked to this incident have also made their way around the Internet.

One shows a person lying on the floor at the MRT station platform, with SMRT staff and Public Transport Security Command (TransCom) officers standing nearby. A caption identifies the location as Ang Mo Kio station, with the photo taken on Wednesday (29 Nov) at 1.07pm.

Source: Beh Chia Lor on Facebook

Another photo shows what looks to be the same person on the floor, with the station staff next to them.

Source: Beh Chia Lor on Facebook

The person on the floor seems to be wearing identical clothing to the person who tried to force open the MRT train doors in the video.

Commuter was a man wearing a dress: SMRT

SMRT Trains president Lam Sheau Kai confirmed to Channel NewsAsia (CNA) that the incident occurred on Wednesday (29 Nov).

He said their station staff were alerted at about 1pm to a commuter “deliberately trying to force open the train door” while a train was about to move off.

That commuter was a man wearing a dress, he added.

He maintained that the commuter’s actions endangered his safety and that of other passengers.

Commuter resisted staff: SMRT

After receiving the alert, SMRT staff entered the train to investigate and advised the commuter to leave so others could continue their journeys, Mr Lam said.

However, he resisted the staff’s attempts, and was “uncooperative and turned aggressive”.

SMRT staff thus contacted TransCom who deployed officers to the site. In view of this decision, Mr Lam said,

We take a very serious view of such behaviours.

SMRT is now assisting the police in their investigations.

The police confirmed with CNA that a report has been filed and investigations are ongoing.

MS News has reached out to SMRT for more information about the incident and will update the article when they reply.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Beh Chia Lor on Facebook.

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