Singaporeans Are Expressing Their Thoughts On Cookhouse Food In A Series Of SAF Confessions

Netizens complain big on Army cookhouse food

Singaporeans love their food, and would travel to far-flung areas of the island just for that late night nasi lemak. During the mandatory National Service (NS), however, our soldiers have to contend with the whims of the in-camp cookhouse team, and eat whatever is provided.

And Full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) are unhappy with the food given.

SAF Confessions posted 2 confessions complaining about the bad cookhouse food that is being served in camps around Singapore. The first confession was posted on Sunday (12  July), and caused some controversy that led to a follow up confession was put up yesterday (14 July).

FB SAF Confessions 1
FB SAF Confessions 2

There have always been debates about the quality of our camp cookhouse food. During NS, NSFs would even compare the quality of food served with one another across camps.

But, no one was blunt enough to make it public until these two brave confessions gone viral.

WW3 in the comments section

As always, the comments section throws up the most colourful of characters, generally berating the quality of cookhouse food.

Here are the some of the best and worst comments:

The professional nutritionist


Btw, cookhouses generally provide the nutritional breakdown of meals. Nobody reads that stuff, except for this guy, apparently.

National patriotism much


This guy could be a lawyer for linking our national pledge and flag to win his first court case.

The one who is content with NS life


Someone who happy with the food is a rare breed of species. Give him a medal!

The one who speaks from experience


It looks like someone never had the privilege of eating cookhouse food before.

WW2 food = cookhouse food?


This NSman just wants NSFs to toughen up.

Pampered NSF?


Apparently, complaining giving feedback for cookhouse food turns NSFs into brats.

Generation gap to blame

Looking from these comments, the generation gap between NSmen and NSFs in food appreciation is obvious. They can debate all they want about the quality of cookhouse food — just don’t expect any agreement to be reached.

As for those who never had the luxury of trying the famous cookhouse food, you be the judge:


Not everybody get to eat the same food KF Seetoh does when he visits the Island of Recruits.

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