Corgis Fly Business Class With Owners On SIA, They Mostly Cuddle & Sleep

Corgis Fly Business Class On SIA Flight From US To Singapore

Travelling overseas with our furkids can be challenging as pets often require special attention and care.

Fortunately, Singapore Airlines (SIA) staff and the owners of two adorable corgis were up for the challenge.

A Facebook post by the owners sharing their corgis’ experience flying business class recently has gone viral.

The doggos themselves were more than ready for the flight, with sufficient preparation by their owners.

Corgis join owners on SIA business class flight

On 20 Nov, the owner of the corgis took to Facebook to share details of their memorable experience.

Source: Facebook

They were flying from San Francisco to Singapore as part of a one-way trip from the United States (US) to Thailand, as the OP and his family were relocating.

The OP stated that before the trip, they obtained the relevant documentation to allow their pets to travel in the business-class cabin.

Source: Facebook

Prior to the flight, he also took the dogs to meet the ground crew, clear checkpoints and get to know security staff.

“The dogs got the celebrity treatment (as usual) with the ground crew taking selfies with them and giving them lots of cuddle and pets,” he said.

Pets are usually not allowed in the flight cabin. However, according to SIA’s official website, exceptions are made for assistance and emotional support dogs.

Smooth flight for corgis

As the corgis got the chance to sit with their owners, the OP joked that they had a comfortable, built-in corgi seating area.

The owners modified their feeding and water schedule a month in advance, timing their final bathroom break to occur right before they left for the airport.

Source: Facebook

They had also come prepared with pee pads, poop bags, and baby wipes at the ready.

In addition, the canines were fed gabapentin at various intervals – timed so they would fall asleep before take-off and landing. Gabapentin is an anxiety medication often prescribed for dogs.

The owners even went a step further by having the corgis sleep listening to aeroplane sounds on YouTube for several nights in a row before the trip. This was to acclimatise them to the noises a plane typically makes.

Ultimately, the trip passed without much accident, with both corgis spending it largely asleep.

It is undoubtedly heartening to see such care and warmth come from SIA staff when it comes to handling furkids.

Hopefully, the two corgis had a wonderful journey, and are safely home with their owners.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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