Covid-19 Vaccines Will Take A Long Time To Develop, But S’poreans Will Have Them When Ready

While Covid-19 vaccines are still undergoing clinical trials, Singapore has assured citizens that anyone who needs them will get them affordably.

National Development Minister Lawrence Wong made this announcement during his speech on Tuesday (9 Jun) on how Singapore must live with the Covid-19 outbreak for the long term.


However, vaccines are still in development and may take a long time before they’re ready.

Vaccines still in development

In his speech, Mr Wong mentioned that Singapore is working on developing a vaccine.

He also said,

If and when a vaccine becomes available, we will make sure that every Singaporean who needs it, gets it, and at an affordable price.

According to CNBC, researchers at Duke-NUS Medical School are currently working on a vaccine, and trials could start this month.

The nation has also invested more than $18 million into vaccine-making, according to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

However, any vaccine will be challenging to develop and will take a long time before they’re ready for commercial use.

Similarly, drugs that are in development to ease or reduce Covid-19 symptoms will also not be ready for a while.

Vaccines should be given at cost price

The whole world is currently waiting for a Covid-19 vaccine that works. But cost is something that we’re not so sure about.

While there are calls by some organisations worldwide to sell vaccines at cost price, nobody knows yet how much pharmaceutical companies will set prices at.

Hopefully, the vaccine will be as affordable as promised, as some worry that cost will become a factor in whether someone can get a vaccine.

We also need to be prepared for the fact that it could be a long time before a vaccine is ready. Covid-19 might be with us till then, and even after that.

Therefore, we must remain safe and not bank on the vaccine saving our lives or returning them to normal.

Featured image adapted from YouTube.