Crayon Shin Chan & Corgi Stickers With Squishy Butts Protect Your Car From Scratches

Crayon Shin-Chan & Corgi Stickers With Squishy Butts Can Prevent Scratches

Crayon Shin-Chan is a shameless kid who loves to perform crazy shenanigans. He’s far from shy but we’ve found this characteristic can be useful in certain scenarios.

One instance is this Crayon Shin-Chan anti-scratch sticker with squishy butts from Shopee Singapore. The kid may be known for showing off his butt cheeks, but it looks like he’s managed to convince Doraemon and a corgi to follow his lead this time.

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Together, their derrières might be the thing you need to prevent scratches on your beloved automobile.

Crayon Shin Chan & Doraemon have squishy butts

Fellow corgi-butt enthusiasts have probably seen corgi butt marshmallows and plushies, but we never imagined it could be a useful car accessory until today.

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These Crayon Shin-Chan, Doraemon, and corgi anti-scratch stickers can effectively prevent car scratches. Their squishy butts are so round and fluffy that they look super adorable when you line them up together along your car doors like this.

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If there’s a wall that could threaten to mar the pristine surface of your car when you’re opening the door, these butt accessories could cushion the impact a little and protect your beloved vehicle.

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Dust can easily accumulate on Crayon Shin-Chan’s squishy butt after long hours on the road. He’ll require some cleaning, but at least wiping his adorable and elastic bottom looks like an activity that’s hilariously therapeutic.


Stick it to your car bumper, rearview mirror, car doors, and fuel tank doors to highlight your obsession.


Available on Shopee Singapore

Crayon Shin-Chan & corgi stickers are available on Shopee Singapore from $4.68 to $10.18.


The stickers of each design come in pairs so there’s never one lonely butt out there. Shop for these mighty cute accessories here.

Style your car with squishy butts

These anti-scratch stickers offer a fun opportunity to showcase your childhood obsession.

Since it’s affordable and accessible, get a bundle to satiate your cravings for corgis.

Now that we’ve seen the capabilities of these elastic bottoms, we can’t wait to see them in action and glued to our cars.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Shopee Singapore

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