Male Teacher Allegedly Asked Female Student To “Go Into His Heart”

A female student has taken to Reddit for advice after she was “creeped out” by her teacher’s messages.

The JC student uploaded two screenshots, allegedly of her online interaction with a male PE teacher. The two appear to have used the direct message function on Instagram.

To make matters worse, the school’s vice-principal allegedly brushed off the matter.

Here’s the lowdown

Disclaimer: MustShareNews cannot verify the contents of the screenshots. We also cannot confirm that the texts were exchanged continuously.

Some portions of the messages have been censored, but here’s a rough summary of the conversation.

The teacher allegedly told the student that he was waiting for her in his “comfortable room” and that the student could visit him there.

Alternatively, she could play PS3 or “play ball”.



In the second screenshot, the person believed to be the student asked the teacher where she should go.

The teacher then replied that the student should “go into his heart”, but quickly told her that he was just joking.

The student laughed at his response and even replied that he was hilarious.


Reddit responses

The Reddit thread created by the accused drew more than 100 comments after 16 hours.

One Redditor asked why the the accuser and accused were communicating on Instagram.


This was her reply:


Apparently, others in her school allegedly also had similar experiences.


The accuser claimed to have approached her school’s vice-principal (VP) later regarding the matter.


But other Redditors have not taken kindly towards the vice-principal’s comments.

Some said that the VP’s covering the matter up in order to preserve her subordinate’s “rice bowl”.


Many encouraged her to bring the matter up to the Ministry of Education.



Did he cross the line?

While we concede that the two screenshots do not tell the full story, we think that the uncensored content alone was damning enough to suggest that the teacher was being inappropriate.

Do you think the teacher crossed the line? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image from Reddit