Parking Fees For Teachers To Give Schools $8 To $10 Million In Revenue: Ong Ye Kung

Schools Will Retain Extra Revenue From Parking Fees

An estimated S$8 to $10 million in revenue is expected to be collected annually from school parking charges.

This figure was revealed in a written reply from Education Minister Ong Ye Kung to Non-Constituency MP Leon Perera.

Teachers have to pay for parking too

The Ministry of Education’s decision to impose parking charges on teachers, has previously drawn criticism from netizens and politicians alike.

This parking fees policy takes effect next month, affecting teachers from primary schools, secondary schools and junior colleges across the island.

Annual parking fees will cost S$720 for unsheltered carparks, and S$960 for sheltered carparks.

Here’s how that sum measures up to parking rates across Singapore.

Keeping wages ‘clean’

Minister Ong pointed out that implementing school parking charges is in line with the Public Service Division’s “Clean Wage Policy”.

The policy aims to keep public servants’ salary accountable, and eliminate any hidden benefit and privileges.

Mr Ong also explained that free parking currently only benefits teachers who drive — which is “at odds” with other civil services.

Hwa Chong Institution, which directly hires all its teachers and owns the land it sits on, is the only school thus far that has sought alternative measures from this arrangement.

Where will the money go?

Minister Ong mentioned in his written response that the revenue raised will be retained by the schools.

But he did not elaborate on the avenues, this additional revenue will be channelled towards.

Will the money be used to improve school infrastructure or provide additional enrichment classes for students?

Could it possibly be used to improve teachers’ welfare packages?

Coming full circle

The imposition of parking fees will inadvertently lead to some unhappy teachers.

And we all know that unhappy employees do not always deliver the best results.

If that’s the case, will schools be forced to use the revenue gained, to subsidise their teachers’ parking fees?

Ironically, it sure seems like we would have come full circle if that were to happen.

Featured image from govsingapore.

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