S’pore Man Loves Curry Puffs So Much He Stole 100 Of Them From Whampoa Coffee Shop On Boxing Day

Man Stole 100 Curry Puffs From Block 81 Whampoa Drive Coffee Shop On 26 Dec

As the saying goes, a hungry man is an angry man. When the hunger pangs start, there’s nothing we won’t do for food.

It looks like this Singapore man was too hungry that he decided to steal 3 trays worth of curry puffs from a coffee shop at Block 81 Whampoa Drive.

Unfortunately for him, the entire process was recorded on a nearby CCTV and posted on Stomp.

A Stomper shared that the incident happened on Thursday (26 Dec) at around 2.35am.

Man eyes curry puffs at Whampoa Drive coffee shop

At the start of the video, a man was seen standing in front of a claw machine with a suitcase by his side.


For a few seconds, the man was staring blankly into the claw machine then he proceeded to take a few glances at the trays of curry puffs on the table beside him.


Afterwards, he unzipped his luggage and brought it to the table.


Placed tray into luggage

However, just like any other thieves, this man looked around to ensure no one was watching before embarking on his curry puff mission.


Unbeknownst to him, the CCTV camera near the coffee shop was recording the entire time.

A few minutes of meddling with his luggage later, he finally mastered the courage to walk towards the curry puff trays, picked it up and placed it into the luggage.

Flees while struggling to carry luggage

Once he was done stealing the curry puff, he grabbed his luggage and left the coffee shop within a few seconds.

However, judging from the video, he seemed to be struggling carrying the heavy luggage loaded with curry puffs.


Curry puff owner suffered $30 losses

According to Stomp, the curry puffs were left behind by a delivery man at around 12am that night.

However, when he returned at 5am to retrieve the trays, the stall owner informed him that no curry puffs were found.

Stomp shares that this is not the first time the curry puffs got stolen at the coffee shop. They also noted that the curry puffs stolen was worth $30.

Police investigations are ongoing.

Don’t leave your curry puffs unattended

Though the thief is no doubt at fault for stealing the curry puffs, it was also probably not a wise idea to leave the trays unattended.

We hope this will serve as a precautionary tale for all of us not to leave our belongings – and curry puffs – unattended.

Feature images adapted from Stomp.

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