Millenia Walk Bakery Thief Steals Only Bread Toppings, Staff Puts Up Sign Begging Her To Stop

Millenia Walk Pullman Bakery Puts Up Sign Asking Lady To Stop Stealing Their Bread Toppings

To many people, bread is life. To one person, however, these precious loaves of carbs are stale in comparison to their toppings.

On Wednesday (4 Dec), Singapore radio channel Power 98 Love Songs shared on Facebook a odd sign they saw placed outside Pullman Bakery at Millenia Walk.


According to the Facebook post, this sign was meant to ask the lady circled in red to stop stealing their bread toppings. Yes, she stole just the toppings.


Steals ham roll topping but leaves bread on the shelf

Upon closer look at the sign, you’ll notice one of the photos put up depicts a ‘topping-less’ ham roll.


Beside the roll they wrote,

Please STOP stealing the bread toppings!!

To make sure they get the message across, they even wrote it in Chinese in case she doesn’t understand the former.


Let’s hope the dual language sign is effective.

Netizens befuddled by ‘toppings thief’

But the real question here is, why didn’t she just take the whole bread?

That was exactly the question this netizen had in mind. She was baffled by how the lady went through so much trouble peeling the topping off when she could have just taken the entire bread.


Another netizen, however, shared that her friend used to steal pork floss from other pieces of bread during the pork floss trend season. Oh no.


Meanwhile, upon reading this article, one of our writers jokingly mentioned that this lady was on a keto diet, that’s why she didn’t want the carbs.


This bizarre incident has gotten us wondering, just how many times this lady has stolen their bread toppings, that they had to put up a sign asking her to stop.

Feature images adapted from Facebook

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