S’porean Accepts Friends’ Dare & Flies To Bangkok For Dinner, Impresses People With Commitment

Man Accepts Friends’ Dare, Hops On Plane For 12-Hour Bangkok Trip

Singaporeans love travelling to neighbouring countries for a quick getaway, but one man took it to the next level when he accepted his friends’ dare to meet them in Bangkok for a meal.

In a viral video, a TikToker shared how her friend accepted their dare and flew to Bangkok for a mere 12-hour trip.


When SG Chatukchak is way too packed. So you fly to Bangkok for the real one. #traveltiktok #impromptu #chatukchak #chatukchaksg #thailand #bangkok

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The video garnered over 400,000 views, with many Singaporeans praising the man’s commitment, joking that their friends can’t even meet them at their house’s coffee shop for dinner.

Friend flies to Bangkok for dinner

On 12 Feb, TikToker Esther shared how they dared their friend to meet them in Bangkok for dinner.

When faced with such a challenge, most people would likely laugh it off and not take action. However, her friend gamely accepted it — he touched down in Thailand at 8pm.

In her video, she showed her spontaneous friend making a purchase at a convenience store.

Source: TikTok

Walking on the streets of Bangkok, he proudly held up their buys of the day to the camera.

Source: TikTok

Esther said the friend was flying back the next day at 8am. In total, he would have spent just 12 hours in Bangkok.

She captioned the video, “When SG Chatuchak is way too packed. So you fly to Bangkok for the real one”.

In the comments section, she shared that the man was a mutual friend of her and her husband.

Netizens say they need friends like this too

Many netizens were impressed by the friend’s commitment to hopping on a flight and fulfilling the dare.

One person said that their friends couldn’t even go to the coffee shop near their place to grab dinner.

dare bangkok dinner

Source: TikTok

Another netizen said this was truly “Yolo at its best, ” saying they need friends like this too.

dare bangkok dinner

Source: TikTok

Others rationalised that the dare wasn’t that hard to fulfil as long as one had the money and time for it.

Source: TikTok

Regardless, it isn’t every day that a friend will casually hop on a flight for a meal.

Hopefully, it made for an extra memorable holiday for Esther and her friends.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok.

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