520 New Covid-19 Cases On 12 Sep Include 3 In DHL Centre Cluster

MOH provides an update on the local Covid-19 situation nightly, in a recent change from 2 times daily previously.

The emphasis is now on severe cases in hospitals, which has grown in recent days even as local cases exponentially increase.

As of Sunday (12 Sep), there are 54 cases that require oxygen supplementation in hospital, and another 7 in the intensive care unit (ICU).

520 new cases were reported in total.

MOH also announced a new workplace cluster at a DHL centre at Tampines, with 28 cases currently.

New cluster at DHL centre with 28 cases

MOH recorded one large new cluster on 12 Sep at DHL Supply Chain Advanced Regional Centre located at 1 Greenwich Drive in Tampines.


There are currently 28 cases, including 3 added on 12 Sep.

MOH said that the cases were spread at the workplace, with further spread to household contacts.

25 cases are staff while 3 are household contacts.

Other large clusters include Chinatown Complex, which has grown to 81 cases.

The complex has already been closed since yesterday in order to contain further spread.

Visitors and staff are getting tested as well.

More information about current large clusters can be found in MOH’s situation update.

520 new local Covid-19 cases on 12 Sep

Sunday (12 Sep) saw a total of 520 new Covid-19 cases, with:

  • 454 in the community
  • 63 dormitory residents
  • 3 imports

Amongst the local cases today are 137 seniors above 60 years.


As a result of the increase in cases, there are 780 cases warded in hospitals.


61 cases are serious. They include:

  • 54 requiring oxygen supplementation
  • 7 in the ICU

Over the last 28 days, 98.3% of cases have no symptoms or only have mild symptoms.

This is the breakdown of serious cases during this period:

Requires oxygen supplementation

  • 43 not fully vaccinated
  • 41 fully vaccinated


  • 4 not fully vaccinated
  • 2 fully vaccinated

4 deaths were recorded during this period — none were fully vaccinated.

Important few weeks

Not everyone may agree with the latest measures, which restricts workplace interactions while keeping up dine-in rules.

However, the government has explained its stance that it needs to prevent the medical systems from being overloaded.

Cases growing too large may result in that.

It’s perhaps best to restrict social interactions for the next 2 weeks as a result, especially if you live with seniors in the same household.

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