Downtown East Indoor Playground Has Virtual Reality Rides & Robot Battles, Bring The Kids For Post-June Holidays Fun

“Let’s Play” @ D’Marquee 2.0 Has A Massive Inflatable Playground & Carnival Rides From 1 Jul To 9 Aug

The June holidays may be over, but parents who are still searching for ways to entertain their restless brood would be happy to know that there are still fun activities for them to do instead of staying glued to their mobile devices.  

Mark this down in your calendars — “Let’s Play” @ D’Marquee 2.0 will be running from 1 Jul to 9 Aug 2022 at Downtown East.

An indoor playground boasting 14 thrilling attractions like King Kong robots and bouncy castles, this event promises endless thrills for all ages. Here are some of the highlights that kiddos and the entire fam can look forward to. 

Challenge the fam in 8 inflatable obstacle courses

Most parents would know that there is only so much the kids can do within the four walls of your home. Spending hours in front of the television or laptop screen certainly isn’t the ideal way to pass the time.

Instead, they should be outside partaking in activities that engage their minds and senses, such as this inflatable playground, which is filled with all sorts of obstacle courses to navigate. 

If your children seem to have boundless amounts of energy, this is just the thing to keep them entertained for hours. Besides honing their problem-solving skills, it could also get them to stay active. 

The whole fam can begin your inflatable playground adventure on the ‘Vertical Challenge’, a 4.8m-tall obstacle course where you can challenge each other to see who reaches the top first.

After scaling the structure and working out your arms, you can throw huge, inflatable balls around in the ‘Kaboom Ball Challenge’. You’ll need quick reflexes and nerves of steel to dodge those things as they come hurtling your way.

Train your kids’ resilience and upper body strength withHang On’, which requires them to grip the bars firmly as they climb from one end to the other.

The trick is to — you guessed it — hang on for as long as you can. To make things even more intense, imagine the soft ball pit below is actually a river of burning lava.

After successfully making your way across the ball pit, test your agility and coordination skills at ‘Vroom Your Way Out’.

You’ll be in for a wheel-y fun game of hide-and-seek as you duck in and out of the holes in this obstacle course.

You’ve conquered the sea of plastic balls and an automobile challenge, now it’s time to take the adventure to greater heights at the 4.8-metre tall ‘Chute Your Way Down’.

Simply make your way to the top and as the name suggests, “chute your way down” to the bottom at top speed. Consider it a taller and bouncier version of the humble neighbourhood playground.

Test your brain & brawn while having fun

Give your body a break and flex your brain muscles instead at ‘Pandora Box’, where you’ll have to navigate your way out of a giant maze. You’ll need a mix of guts, gumption, and a good memory to solve this one.

To up the ante, time yourself and see how long you take to escape this puffy labyrinth. Good luck!

At the aptly named ‘Tarzan Challenge’, have a go at rescuing a family member or friend by swinging through this inflatable forest of ‘trees’ and ‘branches’, just like Tarzan would do.

When you’re done, celebrate your victory with Tarzan’s signature jungle call.

It won’t be a walk in the park with ‘The Hot Dip’, especially if you’re trying to make your way across this curved slope before anyone else.

Since testing your balance could be both mentally and physically challenging, the fam would appreciate a little free-and-easy sesh relaxing in the ‘Playground in a Box’ — a classic ball pit that doesn’t require any strategy or gameplay.

Once everyone is rested and raring to go again, pick an opponent to challenge in the ‘Gladiator Ball Fight’. Will you have what it takes to be the last champion standing in this inflated ring?

Those head-on battles will surely tire you out, so catching a breather at the ‘Sandbox Play’ might be a good idea to unwind.

Imagine you’re at the beach with the fam, minus the blistering hot sun, as the kids exercise their creativity by building sand structures.

Extra fun with fringe activities

Families that may not enjoy bouncing around as much can check out some fringe activities at “Let’s Play” @ D’Marquee 2.0 that promise just as much fun.

1. Discover a new plane of reality

Enter a new world just by putting on your virtual reality (VR) glasses and using some imagination.

Hitch a ride with your family on this delightful six-seater ‘VR Ride’ that promises the three ‘Ms’ — movement, magic, and mystery. It is built to provide a sensory experience, so don’t be surprised if the kids get hooked on it.

2. Take a train ride to the past

Take a nostalgic trip aboard a classic vehicle with the ‘Choo Choo Express’, a mobile version of an old-school train which your kiddos have probably never seen before.

Watch the little ones’ faces light up as the train makes the iconic “Chugga Chugga Choo Choo” sound that’s nothing at all like the MRT they know.

3. Do battle in life-sized robots

After taking a trip down memory lane, the ‘King Kong Robots’ would be something more familiar to young ones who may be fans of Marvel’s Iron Man.

While these life-sized robots can’t match the superhero’s advanced suit, they’d still feel pretty indestructible sitting in it and controlling its movements using the joysticks.

Treat little ones to a day out at “Let’s Play” @ D’Marquee 2.0

If these activities sound like something you and your family will enjoy, plan a visit to “Let’s Play” @ D’Marquee 2.0 soon, when everyone’s free. 

Once you’ve fixed a date, plan your journey there:

“Let’s Play” @ D’Marquee 2.0
Address: Downtown East, 1 Pasir Ris Close, Singapore 519599
Date: 1 Jul to 9 Aug 2022
Event hours: 12pm-9.30pm (Mon-Fri), 10am-9.30pm (Sat-Sun, public holidays & eve of public holidays)
Nearest MRT: Pasir Ris Station

Tickets are now available on They are priced at S$25 per person on weekdays and S$28 per person on weekends, public holidays, and the eve of public holidays. 

Each ticket offers unlimited play for 150 minutes at the bouncy castles and sandpit, plus one admission to each of the three fringe activity rides.

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Endless fun for the fam 

Whether your fam has travelled to various countries or tried all the exciting local activities over the holidays, there’s no reason the fun should stop there.

To keep the positive vibes going for the rest of the year, exploring fun activities every once in a while could be a good idea.

Jio the fam and especially the little ones to this event to have a whale of a time. Who knows, even you could discover your inner child while you’re at it.

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All images courtesy of Biz Trends.

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