S’pore Driver Cuts Across Chevron Markings, Traffic Police Tail Behind & Issue Fine

Traffic Police Car Appears Seconds After Silver Prius Cuts Across Chevron Markings

Sometimes, it feels as though the Traffic Police (TP) are always at the right place, at the right time, especially if we’ve ever received a traffic fine.

That statement has never been more true when a fast response car (FRC) appeared out of nowhere, shortly after a silver Prius cut across some chevron markings in Singapore.

Mere seconds after the violation, the video footage showed the TP car driving past quickly with its sirens and light bar flashing.

Silver Prius cuts across chevron markings to escape traffic jam

In a video shared by the ROADS.sg Facebook group, dashcam footage of gridlock traffic can be seen.

Perhaps wanting to get out of the tight spot, the driver of a silver Prius decided to leave the queue of cars and drive along an emptier lane demarcated by chevron markings.


However, almost instantly, an FRC came zooming from the left, with sirens and strobe lights switched on.


The video ends without a conclusion as it cuts off right after the appearance of the FRC.

According to the ROADS.sg Facebook page, however, the TP highway patrol later flagged down the car to issue the driver a summon or fine.

ROADS.sg also added that cutting across chevron markings is an offence punishable by a $150 fine and 3 demerit points.

Obey traffic rules for the sake of everyone’s safety

Traffic offences like these are unfortunately quite common here in Singapore. However, as some netizens noted, the FRC may have been responding to a more pressing issue in front, noting the vehicle’s quickness.

Nonetheless, crossing chevron markings is still an offence that could possibly place others at risk had it resulted in an accident.

While it didn’t this time, we hope that the driver’s consequences serve as a reminder for all road users to practise road safety by obeying traffic rules.

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Featured image adapted from ROADS.sg on Facebook

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