Non-Resident Parks At Lorong Chuan Private Estate For 3 Days, Gets Note Saying ‘You Don’t Belong’

Non-Resident Parks At Lorong Chuan Private Estate For 3 Days, Gets Note Saying 'You Don't Belong'

Driver Finds Note Telling Her To Remove Car From Lorong Chuan Private Estate

When a driver returned to her car parked along Chuan Walk on Wednesday (1 Feb), she came across a rather rude note on her vehicle.

The note said, “You don’t belong (in) this neighbourhood. Please remove your car.”

Speaking to Wake Up Singapore, the driver’s husband called the person who left the note “self-entitled” for implying that non-residents could not park along that public road.

While it is not known who wrote the note, other residents said it was uncalled for but cited limited parking spaces as a common problem.

Driver gets note saying she doesn’t ‘belong’ in Lorong Chuan neighbourhood

When the driver’s husband went on a business trip, she had gone to stay with her mum, who lived in a Lorong Chuan HDB flat.

On Sunday (29 Jan) at about 7pm, she parked her car along Chuan Walk, which runs through a private estate.

Three days later, she returned to the car only to find the handwritten note on her vehicle.

The note, presumably written by a resident, said she did not “belong” in the neighbourhood and asked that she remove her car.

Seeing this, the driver told Wake Up Singapore that she felt “resigned” over the way Singapore society was.

Her husband, on the other hand, found the resident’s behaviour “appalling”. He felt it was self-entitled to think that the public road belonged exclusively to residents.

Chuan Walk is a narrow two-lane road with no double yellow lines.

According to Shin Min Daily News, there are no signs indicating that parking is prohibited or that there are parking charges.

However, signs along the road by the National Environment Agency (NEA) remind residents not to park along the road during cleaning hours on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

Limited parking spaces along narrow road

One resident, who has lived at Chuan Walk for over 10 years, said that many drivers would park in the area out of convenience.

Every day, about three to five cars would park there in the evening, only driving away the next morning. This is a recent phenomenon and has gone on for about half a year.

Because many residents have multiple cars, this leads to a lack of parking spaces.

Most residents are understanding when it comes to the public parking spaces in the estate. Sometimes though, these cars would block their gates, making it challenging for them to leave their homes.

Other residents shared that the surge in people parking there can be a hassle. On such a narrow lane, buses and lorries will have trouble passing through.

52-year-old resident Glenn said every morning, he will see one driver parking along the road before walking to a nearby bus stop.

One such driver told Shin Min Daily News that he would park there for two to three days every week.

“This place is only one street away from my mother-in-law’s house. It’s more convenient,” he explained.

He went on to say that as long as he follows traffic rules, he should be able to park in the estate. After all, it is a public road.

Resident ashamed by incident

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, Glenn said he does not know who wrote the note, but such behaviour gives all residents a bad reputation.

In actual fact, his neighbours are very friendly, he said.

While he has heard how residents in other private estates would use trash cans and other items to ‘reserve’ parking spots, such things do not happen there.

Thus, he felt ashamed to have such an incident take place in his own neighbourhood.

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Featured image adapted from Wake Up Singapore and Google Maps.

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