E-Bike Rider Confronts Driver At Old Airport Road Traffic Junction After Getting Honked At

E-Bike Rider Confronts Driver At Old Airport Road Traffic Junction After Getting Honked At

E-Bike Rider Disembarks & Confronts Driver Who Honked At Him

Cyclists and drivers have always had a long-standing feud over road usage.

Drivers lament about how some cyclists flout safety rules, whereas cyclists feel injustice over how some drivers express impatience towards them without considering their circumstances.

On Wednesday (15 Mar), an electric bicycle (e-bike) user confronted a driver along Old Airport Road.

The driver had allegedly honked at the rider as a warning after the e-bike user abruptly filtered into the centre lane.

Dashcam footage of their exchange was posted on the SG Road Vigilante Facebook page.

E-bike rider confronts driver at traffic junction

According to SG Road Vigilante, the incident occurred at about 5.37am along Old Airport Road.

Dashcam footage shows the e-bike rider looking back at the driver while nodding several times.

Source: SG Road Vigilante on Facebook

After stopping at a traffic junction, he disembarks from his bicycle and angrily gestures towards the driver of the car.

Source: SG Road Vigilante on Facebook

The pair can then be heard arguing in Hokkien off-camera after the rider approaches the car.

It is not exactly clear what they are arguing about from the video. However, the caption mentions that the rider was unhappy because the driver honked at him.

E-bike rider allegedly suddenly filtered to middle lane

The video then shows what happened prior to the confrontation.

Apparently, the driver had honked at the e-bike rider as a warning after he abruptly filtered into the middle lane of the road.

In the dashcam footage, the rider briefly cuts into the middle lane as there were stationary cars occupying the leftmost side of the road at the time.

Source: SG Road Vigilante on Facebook

Thus, he may have felt wronged as he likely filtered to the middle lane to avoid hitting the other cars, resulting in the confrontation.

Nevertheless, under the post, some commenters were quick to point out how the rider flouted a road safety rule by not wearing a helmet.

Be gracious on the road

Thankfully, the situation did not escalate and the pair went about their separate ways after a short verbal exchange.

Regardless, this is an opportune moment to remind all that the road is a shared space.

Do practise graciousness towards other road users to prevent unnecessary conflicts or accidents from arising.

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Featured image adapted from SG Road Vigilante on Facebook.

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