Elderly Lady Works As Mascot Cat At KL Bazaar, Gains Sympathy Of Passers-By

Tired Elderly Lady Seen Working As Cat Mascot At KL Night Bazaar

Recently, a man was shocked to learn an elderly lady was working as a mascot at a night bazaar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

He later shared pictures of her wearing the cat costume, detailing his thoughts about her situation in a Facebook post on Saturday (4 Mar).

Source: Facebook

The post went viral, with many netizens thinking the elderly lady looked tired and should not have to work at this age.

Man shocked to learn mascot was an elderly lady

In his Facebook post, the man wrote that living in KL is getting increasingly challenging, especially if you have people depending on you.

While watching the joy people had from taking pictures with the cartoon mascot at the Wangsa Maju night bazaar, he was shocked to learn that one of the people behind the mascots was an elderly person.

Source: Facebook

He said she was probably around his mother’s age.

The mascot donned a white cat costume that looked to be Marie from Disney’s Aristocats. She also had a container hanging from her neck, presumably to collect tips from passers-by and photo-takers.

elderly lady mascot

Source: Facebook

In one photo, the elderly lady was resting after removing the mascot cat’s head, revealing her face.

elderly lady mascot

Source: Facebook

“You can see the exhaustion on her aged face. But what can (she) do? Maybe this is her only way to earn an income,” he said.

The man said while he was happy to see her determination to work, he couldn’t help but feel that she shouldn’t have to at this age. He felt like she should be able to stay at home and rest.

Netizens sympathise with lady

The Facebook post quickly became viral, with many netizens sympathising with the elderly lady’s situation.

One netizen said it’s sad to see her still working at this age, entertaining others when she could rest at home with her family.

Source: Facebook

Another netizen said their heart ached to look at the photos of her, and they hoped she would get the help she needed.

elderly lady mascot

Source: Facebook

Some even asked for the exact location where the elderly lady works, supposedly to offer some help.

Source: Facebook

While the elderly lady does give the impression that she’s in an unfortunate situation, the pictures only tell half the story. It is unclear if the lady needs financial assistance.

After all, while working can be a means to earning a living, it can also be about passion and bringing joy to others, no matter your age.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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