S’porean Couple’s Belongings Stolen During Proposal Trip In Thailand, But Their Ring ‘Survived’

Singaporean Couple’s Villa Was Broken Into 3 Days After Their Engagement

What was to be an engagement trip on a resort island in Thailand turned out to be a disaster for 24-year-old Mr Jackson Tan and his now-fiancé Ms Yvonne Yong.


Just 3 days after Ms Yong said “yes” to Mr Tan’s big question, the pair, as well as their friends, had their belongings stolen from their villa during a break-in.


Thankfully, their engagement ring is safe.

Villa was broken into 3 days after engagement

According to The Straits Times on Friday (20 Dec), Mr Tan had successfully proposed to Ms Yong on 11 Dec during a getaway with 5 other friends on the island of Koh Phangan in southeast Thailand.


But just 3 days later, the pair had a rude awakening at around 6am. One of their friends barged into their room, frantically telling them to check their belongings.

The couple soon realised that “everything was gone”, including their passports.

Ms Yong initially thought her friends were playing a prank, but finally came to terms with the situation after discovering that her phone, which she placed on her bed the night before, was gone too.

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The culprit appeared to be a young woman

While Ms Yong and Mr Tan were soundly asleep, one of their friends caught a glimpse of the burglar, which appeared to be a young woman.

The thief somehow discovered that their friend had awoken from her slumber. But instead of running out of the house, she simply walked out.

Ms Yong’s friend thought she had seen a ghost, and broke into tears.

Her cries woke another friend up, who then went to the first floor of the villa, where one of the doors was seen left ajar.

A metal lock originally on the door was also broken.

More than S$5,000 lost

Ms Yong told The Straits Times that their belongings like phones, bags, watches, and passports were stolen during the burglary.

The group also lost more than S$5,000 worth of Singapore currency.

Miraculously, Yvonne’s engagement ring remained safe in a box inside the luggage.

CCTV footage not clear enough to see robber’s face

The group immediately lodged a police report. But CCTV footage was apparently not clear enough to identify the burglar.

In a Facebook post dated 17 Dec, Yvonne also wrote that she suspects the villa’s CCTV clips might have captured the robbers’ face but the staff weren’t “willing to show it”.

Hope the group will have their belongings returned

Commiserations to Jackson and Yvonne for the untimely and unfortunate incident.

Let this be a lesson for everyone going on a holiday to be extra cautious about your belongings, and always take precautionary steps to safeguard them from potential theft.

We hope the relevant authorities will get to the bottom of this in time so the group can have their belongings returned to them.

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