Eng’s Heritage Food Hygiene Grade Downgraded After Investigations

Food safety is paramount, even more so in the midst of a pandemic. Stringent standards are in place to ensure that everyone gets to consume clean and safe food when dining out.

However, Eng’s Heritage in Yishun found themselves in hot water when 101 people suffered food poisoning after dining at their outlet.

The Singapore Food Authority (SFA) suspended their licence as well.


SFA has now adjusted the restaurant’s food hygiene grade from ‘A’ to ‘C’, citing hygiene lapses.

101 suffered food poisoning in Jan

Between 6 and 9 Jan, 101 people suffered from gastroenteritis symptoms after consuming food at Eng’s Heritage in Northpoint City. As a result, 12 had to be hospitalised.

Acting immediately, MOH and SFA then investigated the restaurant on 11 Jan.

Eng’s Heritage licence was then suspended for over a month from 13 Jan-26 Feb.

Food handlers working there were also required to re-attend and pass the Basic Food Hygiene course before resuming work.

Eng’s Heritage hygiene grade downgraded after lapses found

During the investigation, authorities found several hygiene lapses.

According to SFA, they are now taking enforcement action against the restaurant for these lapses.

With effect from 25 Jun, Eng’s Heritage at Northpoint City’s food hygiene grade has also been downgraded from ‘A’ to ‘C’.

The restaurant premises will be kept under surveillance.

Eng's heritage hygieneSource

Its food hygiene grade will then be reviewed again in a year.

Follow food hygiene & safety processes

SFA reminds all food operators to follow food hygiene and safety processes.

The agency urges the outlet’s staff – as well as members of the public – to adopt simple food hygiene practices, such as washing hands before handling food.

This would greatly reduce the risk of food poisoning.

Hope measures to protect customers’ will be put in place

Working in the F&B industry is not easy. After all, you are entrusted with the vital task of ensuring food is prepared safely and cleanly at all times.

Hopefully, after this incident, Eng’s Heritage will take the necessary steps to better protect customers’ safety and health.

If you spot any food establishment with poor hygiene, please provide feedback to SFA via this online form or call the SFA Contact Centre at 68052871.

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