EuropAce Warehouse Sale Has Up To 80% Off Home Appliances Like Washing Machine & Airfryer For Your BTO

EuropAce Warehouse Sale Has Up To 80% Off Home Appliances Like Washing Machine & Airfryer For Your BTO

EuropAce Warehouse Sale In Changi Has Up To 80% Off Home Appliances From 29 Sep

Securing a new home with your spouse is just one hurdle to overcome on your way to living independently – you still need to renovate the house and furnish it.

Home appliances are a must but they often leave a dent in your savings. Thankfully, EuropAce is having a massive sale at their warehouse, with up to 80% off products like washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and airfryers.

EuropAce warehouse sale

Source: EuropAce

With all the necessities every homeowner should have, you’ll be able to fully equip your new BTO in time to welcome guests for a housewarming party.

Kitchen appliances for more home-cooked meals

Before having friends over at your new crib, your kitchen has to be fitted with essential appliances. After all, a host can’t entertain without an array of mouthwatering food.

Whipping up a feast need not entail toiling over the stove for hours when you have a 3-in-1 steam airfryer that allows you to air fry and steam your food, among eight cooking presets.

EuropAce warehouse sale

EAF 7701Y 7L Steam Airfryer – S$199.90 (Last 10 sets, U.P. S$399)
Source: EuropAce on Facebook

The extra large basket means you can even roast a whole chicken if you feel like treating your guests to a fancy spread.

Pair your MasterChef creations with some wine from the chiller, which will keep your finest spirits at the optimal temperature you want them to be.

EuropAce warehouse sale

EWC 152 Wine Cooler with Glass Door (15 bottles) – S$99.90 (Display sets, U.P. S$379)
Image courtesy of EuropAce

Other kitchen appliances like electric air pots, steamboat pots, and toaster ovens will also be on sale, so you can explore all sorts of recipes and cooking methods to wow your guests.

Perhaps with your dream kitchen in order, you’ll be enjoying home-cooked meals more often.

Clean air & good ventilation all around

While creating magic in the kitchen is exciting, all that cooking can send all sorts of smells wafting around the house.

To make sure the air circulates well, you’d need a fan with strong airflow. Look no further than EuropAce’s dual-wings bladeless fan, which comes with a medical-grade HEPA filter.

EuropAce warehouse sale

EBF Z1 Dual Wings Bladeless Fan (White) – S$299 (U.P. S$499, while stocks last)
Source: EuropAce on Facebook

Not only will it keep your crib cool, but it will also make sure you have clean air to breathe.

Even on scorching hot days when you decide to blast the fan at any of its 24 wind speeds, you won’t have to worry about bothering anyone as it operates silently.

But if the heat pushes you to seek solace in an air-conditioned room instead, there’s no need to sacrifice cleaner air. Simply place an air purifier in one corner and you can rest peacefully knowing that the room is bacteria-free.

EPU 3380Z Air Purifier – S$99.90 (Last 20 sets, U.P. S$449)
Image courtesy of EuropAce

Able to cover large spaces, the Wi-Fi-enabled purifier works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, so you can control it remotely even while you’re busy attending a virtual meeting in another room.

Of course, dust particles in the air aren’t the only types you have to worry about. There are plenty on the floor too, which you can easily clear with a handheld vacuum cleaner.

EHV A3230 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – S$99.90 (Last 30 sets, only available on 2 Oct, U.P. S$249)
Image courtesy of EuropAce

Since the vacuum cleaner is lightweight and cordless, you can clean hard-to-reach places while dancing along to your Spotify playlist.

Bigger discounts with daily & BTO bundle deals

When furnishing your new home, you’d surely need to get multiple big-ticket items at once, including essentials like fridges and washing machines.

EuropAce lets you score those items at even bigger discounts, with daily and BTO bundle deals that further slash the prices.

Here are some of the products you can expect to find at their warehouse sale:

  • Fan – Stand (from S$9.90), Jet, Tower & Bladeless
  • Air Cooler (from $49.90)
  • Portable Aircon (from S$99)
  • Air Purifier (from S$69.90)
  • Air Dehumidifier (from S$99.90)
  • Washing Machine (from S$99)
  • Vacuum Cleaner (from S$99.90)
  • Refrigerator (from S$189)
  • Chest Freezer (from S$229)
  • Airfryer (from S$9.90)
  • Electrical Oven (from S$29.90)
  • Steamboat (from S$29.90)
  • Bar fridge (from S$99)
  • Food Steamer (from S$49.90)
  • Airpot (from S$39.90)
  • Wine Cooler (from S$99)

They will also be hosting flash sales for the following items, which will be going for cheap for a limited time only:

  • Stand Fan – from S$9.90
  • Portable Aircon – from S$149.90
  • Casement Aircon – from S$299.90

The daily deals are limited to the first 30 sets for each featured product, so you’d definitely want to grab them quick.

If that wasn’t enough, those who really need to fill up their new BTO can look out for the following bundle deals, where they can get multiple items for less plus loads of free gifts. No more worrying about going over your furnishing budget.

EuropAce warehouse sale

Image courtesy of EuropAce

With more than S$10 million worth of stocks to clear, everything at the EuropAce warehouse sale really must go, so you can bet that you’ll find what you need at a steal.

Image courtesy of EuropAce

EuropAce warehouse sale from 29 Sep – 2 Oct

To mark their 30th anniversary, EuropAce is holding a massive four-day sale at their warehouse from 29 Sep to 2 Oct 2022.

From fans to washing machines, fridges, and air purifiers, everything you’ll need for your new home will be available at the event.

Don’t worry if you’re unable to pay for everything in one go as they accept payments via Atome instalment plans, so you can fork out an affordable amount each month.

If you’re raring to check out what’s in store, here’s how to get there:

EuropAce 30th Anniversary Warehouse Sale

Address: 10 Changi South Street 3, #05-01, Singapore 486147
Dates: 29 Sep – 2 Oct 2022
Time: 10am – 7pm (29 – 30 Sep, 10am – 6pm (1 – 2 Oct)
Nearest MRT: Expo Station

For more information on the warehouse sale, click here.

To keep up with EuropAce’s newest products and events, you can follow them on Facebook or Instagram, or visit their website here.

Everything you need to bring your dream home to life

Pretty furniture and the right shade of paint may be essential to making your home look nice, but it won’t be able to function without essential appliances.

Investing in quality ones need not burn a hole in your wallet if you know where to find options that are reliable yet affordable.

Finish furnishing your BTO soon and get those appliances you need to bring your dream home to life.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with EuropAce.

Featured image adapted from EuropAce on Facebook and Facebook.

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