Ex-Convict Continues Diploma Studies After Release, Amrin Amin Shares That He’s Proud

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Ex-MP Amrin Amin Shares Promise That Ex-Convict Made Before Release

For some, going in and out of prison may become a recurrent part of their lives due perhaps to a lack of stability or guidance. But others manage to break out of that cycle while inside.

One of them, Z, managed to start studying for a diploma while in prison, and has continued to do so when he was released.

Former MP Amrin Amin, who’d first met Z in prison, bumped into him again recently and was proud to hear that Z had continued his studies.


It is a testament to the fact that ex-convicts can still rebuild their life.

Ex-convict continues diploma studies after release from prison

Mr Amrin shared on Facebook on Tuesday (14 Sep) about how he recently met Z again at Arab Street.

He shared that he last met Z in prison in 2018 while the latter was serving a 5-year sentence for drug trafficking.

Even then, Z was already taking a diploma in logistics management.

During their chat at the prison library, Z had shared that he let his family down and wanted to do them proud.

Mr Amrin was in touch with Z’s family and the great thing was that they never gave up on him.

Amrin Amin bumps into ex-convict, learns he’s continued diploma studies

Although Mr Amrin felt that Z was sincere, he knew that he’d need a lot of willpower, especially after his release from prison.

So he told Z his hope that the next time they’d meet was outside prison, having fulfilled his promise to his family.

Recently, they had the good fortune of meeting again, this time at Arab Street.

Mr Amrin hadn’t recognised Z as he’d grown out his hair.

They decided to sit down and have a meal over lontong and teh tarik.


Mr Amrin found out that Z had continued his studies in logistics management after his release from prison in 2019, and also works as a food delivery rider on the side.

He was struck when Z said this, apparently having remembered their promise that he had in prison:

I think we met too soon. I’ve not fulfilled my promise yet. I’ve not gotten my diploma.

It transpired that Z was waiting for his diploma, having just finished his exams.

Technically, he’s pretty much done with school, so it’s definitely surprising that Z would say that.

Glad to have met Z again

Mr Amrin was glad to have met Z again, sharing that he was proud of him.

He also said that his family must be even prouder.

It’s definitely not an easy path to maintain, but Z has shown effort and commitment in staying on the straight path, and Mr Amrin commended him for that.

In fact, a diploma is a bonus for him.

Staying on the straight path

Going to prison may sometimes be the spark that jolts one back out of the path they’d been on.

Many may lack the support and guidance that would allow them to be functioning and law-abiding members of society, be it during childhood or in their teens.

Z may have found himself in prison, but he appeared determined to not stay there.

We’re really glad to hear that he has so far succeeded, and we congratulate him on nearly getting his diploma.

Hopefully, this will inspire others to keep working, even if the straight path appears filled with challenges and struggles.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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