66-Year-Old Eye Mask Uncle Is All Netizens Can Talk About In TODAYonline’s Article

Authorities are taking ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures extremely seriously, and those who break them will be charged in court. But one man being charged has broken the Internet with his unorthodox mask-wearing manner.

Lee Ah Loo, aged 66, was charged in court on Wednesday (6 May) under the Protection from Harassment Act.

What was supposed to be a standard court reporting case by TODAY Online instead went viral for this photo of him.


If you can’t tell, he’s the person on the right. You can read the full article here.

This reminds us of when The Straits Times (ST) ran a story on seniors’ vulnerability to Covid-19 and its cover image featured a cute doggo wearing a bag over its head.

Curious Doggo In ST Photo Makes Article Go Viral, Everyone Can’t Stop Talking About It

Congratulations, Mr Lee, for your 15 minutes of fame.

Netizens say he’s 2 holes away from being Batman

The story features a total of 3 people, and the part about Lee is the most sparse.

Lee is being charged for allegedly yelling Hokkien vulgarities at National Environment Agency (NEA) enforcement officers on 2 separate occasions, 26 Apr and 2 May.

Yet it might well be his picture that’s shed light on all 3 cases and caused its virality, with over 2,000 shares as of the time of writing.


People seem really tickled by the way the uncle covered up, some remarking on the mask’s similarity to Batman.


Others were actually concerned for Uncle, since if he’s not careful he might get fined $300 for not wearing his mask properly.


And this comment probably sums up everyone’s thoughts.


In another shot of Lee captured by Lianhe Zaobao photographers, he’s seen covering his mouth but not his nose fully.


That’s strike 2, uncle.

Eye mask uncle due back in court on 22 May

ST reported that Lee will not plead guilty to the charges, given the enforcement officer allegedly scolded him first.

As a result, he’ll be back to court on 22 May. Hopefully uncle has learned how to wear a mask correctly by then.

We hope everyone’s staying strong throughout the ‘Circuit Breaker’. And truly, the ones who snapped the picture at TODAY Online should be proud for bringing Singaporeans a laugh amidst this dreary time.

Featured image adapted from TODAY Online and Google Maps.