Almost 50% Of Poll Respondents Say FairPrice Is Their Favourite Supermarket

FairPrice Supermarket Is The Favourite For Almost 50% Of Poll Respondents

A poll by found that out of 2,000 respondents, around half stated that FairPrice is their favourite supermarket.

Those who spoke to MS News listed convenience as their primary factor, as there are over 100 FairPrice supermarkets in Singapore.

Others also enjoy the variety of products that outlets such as FairPrice Xtra and Finest have to offer.

A significant minority — around 35% — voted Sheng Siong as their favourite, mainly because there are frequent discounts, which they feel FairPrice sometimes lacks.

46% of poll respondents voted FairPrice as their favourite supermarket

A total of 2,174 people responded to a poll about their favourite supermarket on

The choices were as follows:

  • Giant
  • Cold Storage/MarketPlace
  • Sheng Siong
  • Hao Mart
  • Prime
  • Redmart

46% of respondents picked FairPrice as their favourite supermarket, followed by Sheng Siong at 21%.


Coming in third was Cold Storage and Marketplace, with 15% of respondents voting it as their favourite supermarket.

Respondents enjoy convenience & variety

Doreen Tan, 27, told MS News that she enjoys the accessibility of FairPrice.

“You literally can’t escape,” she said with a laugh.

Source: YewTee Point

Because of the accessibility, it’s easy to rack up NTUC membership points if you’re a regular shopper.

She also cited the variety of its supermarkets — FairPrice also has Finest and Xtra outlets around Singapore that offer a different variety.

For example, FairPrice Finest has brand products you wouldn’t find at other supermarkets.

Meanwhile, FairPrice Xtra also includes electronic products as well as clothing.

“You know exactly what to expect when you go into these various stores,” she noted.

Gerald Koh, 29, also liked FairPrice as it’s the closest supermarket to his place that accepts credit cards.

He also enjoys some unique features at FairPrice Finest Woodleigh, such as Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee and The Bakehaus.

Other FairPrice supermarkets even have gelato bars for the family to enjoy.

Sheng Siong also has fans

34-year-old Josephine Loo is a fan of Sheng Siong as she finds that the prices are lower as compared to FairPrice.

This is even though there are fewer Sheng Siong outlets.

Similarly, 60-year-old Nancy Neo, who visits her nearby Sheng Siong outlet at least twice a week, feels she gets better deals there.

“The cost of living is getting higher these days, so any discounts are appreciated,” she said.

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