Fake $50 And $100 Singapore Currency Notes Circulating Since Mar 2019

Don’t be too glad when you sell something and receive your notes in denominations of $50 and $100.

According to the police, fake $50 and $100 notes have been circulating in Singapore between Mar and May 2019.

Reports from the public reveal that these counterfeit notes have been used at restaurants, retail and convenience stores.

Fake notes poorly printed with fake serial no.

The police added that the fake notes are photocopied versions of real ones, resulting in a much poorer quality.

For example, fake notes usually lack security features like a watermark and a dull-looking kinegram i.e. the reflective foil. The poor paper quality also means the note will feel flat rather than embossed.


The fake notes are also reported to bear a set of serial numbers,

$100 notes:

  • 3AX412083

$50 notes:

  • 0FF875629
  • 3DL273922
  • 4DZ985604
  • 5HS436415
  • 5LV797440
  • 5LP297324
  • 5CK878136
  • 5JH230011

Report any suspicious notes or persons

In light of these fake notes, the police is urging the public to pay more attention to the notes they receive, or even the ones that they are holding.

If you find a note which you suspect is fake, you should wrap it up in either a zip-lock bag or envelope – to prevent further tampering – and report it to the police.

If someone hands you a fake note and looks suspicious, you should also take note of the person’s details and hand it to the police for further investigation.

For more information on how to spot a fake note, you can refer to the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s website.

Featured image from Carousell.