S’pore F&B Operators Offer Up To S$2K Starting Bonus As Industry Currently Lacks Manpower

F&B Industry Faces Manpower Crunch Despite Offering Monetary Incentives

Last week, the Multi-Ministry Task Force (MTF) announced that all Covid-19 group size restrictions will be lifted.

While many are rejoicing at finally being able to dine in big groups, the F&B industry is struggling with a lack of manpower as they prepare for more customers.

Now, eateries are doing their best to attract workers by offering incentives.

Some are offering a welcome bonus of up to S$2,000, while others are offering attractive salaries at S$22 per hour.

F&B industry faces manpower shortage

As they prepare for more customers with the easing of restrictions on 26 Apr, many F&B industry players are facing a manpower shortage. This is something the industry has already been struggling with even before the announcement.

According to Shin Min Daily News, one reason for this is foreigners returning to their home countries as borders reopen.

But the problem is now urgent as more people are starting to dine out. And many of these workers have yet to return to Singapore.

Operators offer welcome bonuses

As competition for workers within the industry heats up, many employers are now providing additional incentives.

On Fastjobs, Kopitiam has put up at least nine listings for various jobs, including chefs, service crew, and supervisors.

Many of these listings state that the food court operator will be giving a welcome bonus of S$2,000.

F&B industry manpower

Source: FastJobs

Besides Kopitiam, Heavenly Wang Café is also offering a S$2,000 welcome bonus for their many job listings on the site.

F&B industry manpower

Source: FastJobs

Shin Min Daily News reports that food courts like Koufu are employing a similar tactic with S$500 welcome bonuses as well. Broadway food court is also doing the same, with S$1,000 bonuses.

In The Straits Times Classifieds jobs section, restaurants like Ramen Keisuke are shown offering a joining bonus of S$500.

F&B industry manpower

While the F&B industry previously only paid an average of S$6 to S$7 per hour, Shin Min Daily News said this seems to be a thing of the past.

On average, eateries now seem to be offering salaries of at least S$9 per hour and on weekends, S$12 per hour.

Higher-end restaurants pay about S$12 per hour on weekdays and between S$15 and S$18 on weekends.

Be understanding towards F&B staff

These days, large crowds are out and about once again and restaurants are often packed.

With that, having sufficient manpower to cater to customers becomes a very real challenge for the industry.

So the next time your meal is taking a little longer than usual to be served, do be understanding towards the staff as they adapt to the latest change in restrictions.

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Featured image by MS News.

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