S’pore Food Handlers Given Time To “Adjust” To Mask Requirement

In light of the latest scientific findings, the Singapore government recently reversed its advice and now urged all citizens to wear masks when they’re out and about.

Soon, all workers who come into close contact with food will also be required to wear masks.


The announcement was made by Minister Lawrence Wong during a Covid-19 task force news conference on Friday (9 Apr) in response to a query by a The Straits Times reporter.


Food handlers required to wear masks, delivery riders might have to soon too

According to Minster Wong, the government has already put in place measures requiring food handlers in Singapore to put on face masks.


However, the government is giving those affected time to “adjust”, and hence citizens might not see them all donning masks now.

Minister Wong, however, did not disclose when the deadline will be for these food handlers.

Apart from food handlers, food delivery riders may also have be subjected to the same requirements soon.

Additionally, The government is looking at making it compulsory for people to wear masks in “other instances and circumstances”.

Minister Wong stressed that these decisions will ultimately be guided by “evidence and scientific advice”.

Hope this gives customers greater peace of mind

We hope these measures will give customers greater peace of mind when they head out to dabao food or when they call for food deliveries.

Meanwhile, let’s all do our part to keep this outbreak under control by staying at home as much as possible and avoid any social gatherings.

Featured image adapted from Facebook