10 S’pore Foreign Workers Break LOA Rules, MOM Revokes Work Passes & Bans 3 From Employment Here

10 More Foreign Workers Break LOA Rules

When the Covid19 virus became serious in Singapore, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) required everyone who has visited China in the past 14 days to take a mandatory leave of absence (LOA).

The ministry would conduct frequent checks via door-to-door visits, telephone calls, and video calls. These checks led them to discover 4 employees who breached the LOA rules back on 10 Feb (Mon).


While these culprits received strict punishments from MOM, not everyone listened.

According to The Straits Times (ST), MOM recently discovered 10 more workers who broke LOA rules. MOM has taken strict action against all, as well as their employers.

6 employees’ work passes revoked & 3 banned permanently

Among the 10 culprits who have ignored the rules, 6 of them have had their work passes revoked, reports ST.

1 of 6 culprits even visited a casino, a careless act which permanently cost him future employment opportunities in Singapore.


2 other workers also lost employment privileges in Singapore after they claimed not to know of LOA rules despite already receiving information from MOM.

The other 3 workers among the 6 have had their work passes revoked as they did not respond to MOM’s check-in calls.

MOM suspended 2 of the employers’ work-pass privileges, as they did not ensure that their workers were contactable while under LOA.

Strict warning for the other 4

Although the other 4 culprits did not have their work passes revoked, the ministry has said that they have given them warnings.

Out of these 4 culprits, 3 of them were asked by their employers to report back to work. The employers have since had their work-pass privileges suspended for 3 years.

The LOA dictates that one can only leave their home for brief errands like buying essentials or getting food.

The fourth worker apparently went against that guideline by staying outside his home for too long after his meal, according to ST.

MOM will not hesitate to revoke more passes

The latest clampdown is proof that MOM is serious about conducting follow-up checks on all individuals under LOA.

Work-pass holders have to abide by the rules, and employers have to play their part in ensuring that their workers are accountable. Most importantly, they should not instruct employees to return to work while under LOA.


Both parties risk losing work-pass privileges if they break the rules, so all employers and workers should take note.

Kudos to MOM for acting so swiftly and accepting no excuses. Truly, in challenging times like these, we can’t afford to be too careful.

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