S’pore Volunteer Group To Give Free Devices To Low-Income Families, So Their Kids Can Learn From Home

SGBono’s Free Devices Will Benefit Low-Income Families That Cannot Afford Them, For CHAS Blue Cardholders Only

Singapore has a relatively low number of cases when it comes to the Covid-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that those without the coronavirus are unaffected. The pandemic has brought on a myriad of problems, from global recession to nationwide lockdowns, and everyone has been affected in some way.

Luckily, good news is around the corner — for one group of people at least.

Singapore volunteer group SGBono is offering free computing devices in the form of laptops and iPads to low-income families.

Students from low-income families can get free computers from SGBono

This is especially timely, since the Ministry of Education (MOE) just announced that they will be implementing home-based learning for students in Singapore.

Under this new measure, schools in Singapore will have 1 day of home-based learning a week, starting from 1 Apr.

Only CHAS Blue recipients get free computers

To ensure that only those who need it benefit, interested parties must be current Community Health Assist Sceheme (CHAS) Blue cardholders.

Only CHAS Blue cardholders are eligible for the devices

The requirements for CHAS Blue are:

  • Household monthly income of $1,200 and below per person, or
  • Annual home value of $13,000 and below for households with no income

Interested parties can contact SGBono via WhatsApp

SGBono’s effort aims to help low-income families that cannot afford to buy computing devices for their school-going children.

Interested parties can visit SGBono’s website here for more information, or contact SGBono directly via WhatsApp at +65 87673236. Some FAQs on the scheme can be seen here.

The volunteer group also provides other free services such as product repair, grant applications and consultations to reduce IT spending.

Making the world a better place

The Covid-19 pandemic is hitting the world hard. Even Singapore, despite the government’s best efforts, is not coming out of this without a scratch.

It’s nice to see that in these dark times, kindness still exists. If we look out for each other, we’re sure to pull through.

Let’s all stay socially responsible and look out for our neighbours.

Featured image adapted from The Wall Street Journal.

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