Temasek Foundation Offers Free Mouth Gargle For Singapore Households

Protecting our health and ensuring we keep good hygiene habits have been top priorities as we battle the ongoing pandemic.

To continue to support Singapore residents, Temasek Foundation will be giving out a free bottle of mouth gargle to every interested household.


Registration to self-collect the 250ml bottle of mouth gargle will open from Monday (15 Nov).

Registration for free mouth gargle begins 15 Nov

On Thursday (21 Oct), Temasek Foundation announced that they will be offering free StayWell mouth gargle for all households as an additional care item.

The 250ml bottle of 1% povidone-iodine (PVP-I) mint-flavoured mouth gargle will come with a 25ml measuring cup.


Interested residents can register here between Monday (15 Nov) and Friday (10 Dec) using their SP water bill account.

As part of the verification process, applicants will have to provide a home address and email contact.

Thereafter, they can choose their preferred time and collection points from about 40 locations including selected shopping malls and Singapore Pools branches.

The self-collection will then take place from Monday (22 Nov) to Sunday (12 Dec), subject to availability.

Temasek Foundation assures that if demand exceeds expectations, a second round of self-collection will be done after Chinese New Year.

Collection on behalf of family members and friends can be done. But individuals need to produce the relevant SP residential water bills and booking confirmation email, or WhatsApp message.

Small bottle to be delivered to 1 to 4-room HDB residents

Additionally, for residents living in 1 to 4-room HDB flats, SingPost will be delivering another small 125ml mouth gargle to each letterbox.


Deliveries begin on Monday (25 Oct) and end on Friday (19 Nov).

Residents can also track the delivery status of their bottle on the SingPost mobile app using their SingPass login.

If residents prefer self-collection, they can also opt to do so by registering and choosing self-collection.

Useful for general oral hygiene

Temasek Foundation explained that the mouth gargle can be used up to 2 to 4 times a day whenever one feels a sore throat coming. It is also useful for general oral hygiene.

They also advise users to consult a doctor before using any PVP-I mouth gargle or throat spray if they are currently:

  • pregnant or breastfeeding
  • below 6 years old
  • allergic to PVP-I or iodine products
  • having thyroid issues
  • using products containing mercury

After usage, those who feel discomfort or have an allergic reaction are urged to consult a doctor immediately.

They should also consult a doctor if their sore throat or other symptoms persist or worsen for over 2 days.

Continue to uphold high standard of hygiene

Kudos to Temasek Foundation for consistently providing Singapore residents with the necessary tools to stay safe throughout the pandemic.

As Singapore continues to battle another wave of Covid-19 cases, do remember to uphold a high standard of personal hygiene.

So come 15 Nov, consider registering your interest for the free mouth gargle here.

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Featured image adapted from Temasek Foundation.