Funan IT Mall Reopens On 28 Jun With Indoor Cycling Track, Robot Shoppers & Rooftop Farms

Funan IT Mall Gets Massive Upgrade & Opens On 28 Jun

We remember Funan Mall as a haven for tech geeks who want to find the latest and greatest gadgets, laptops, computers, printers and digital cameras.

The old Funan DigitaLife Mall closed in 2016, but it’s scheduled to return by 28 June 2019 with a massive 887,000 square feet upgrade — about the size of fourteen football fields!

From co-working spaces, robot shoppers to edible gardens, here’s a sneak peek at the confirmed vendors at the new and improved Funan.


Just take a look at the TFX flagship fitness centre’s new swanky swimming pool to be housed in the massive complex.

Now you – and your wallet – will know exactly what to expect.

1. Robot shoppers & cashless shopping

Funan IT Mall is determined to blur the lines between traditional retail and online shopping, with some exciting and innovative tech features.

Expect hands-free shopping with robots that deliver your orders to a ‘Click & Collect Lounge’.


Those with vehicles can drop by their drive-through facility and get their shopping bags handed to them by a robot arm. Think McDonald’s drive-through, but for your electronics.


As for purchasing stuff within the retail sections, you won’t actually have to use cash anymore. All you need apparently is their app, to make purchases & receive recommendations for deals you’ll be interested in.

2. Indoor cycling track

We all know that owning a car comes with a hefty price tag and walking isn’t always convenient.

Brompton’s folding bikes provide a portable and practical solution for millennials who want to travel from point A to point B via their indoor cycling track.


Going to the gym will no longer be a hassle because you can lose a few carbs and stay healthy by biking around in an air-conditioned mall.

3. Ark Futsal

The Ark Futsal facilities at Funan will let kids and adults play street soccer, football and tennis.


Parents who want to get their kids away from computer screens can schedule a trip during family days and birthdays. Companies can also ignite their employees’ competitive spirit through company tournaments.

4. Climb Central

Climb Central is an air-conditioned sport climbing venue.

Image courtesy of Funan IT Mall

They have easy-to-learn safety systems and auto belays that can guarantee your safety, especially if you’re a complete beginner.


In case you’re tired of running in the treadmill, you can try something new and reach new heights here.


5. Urban rooftop garden

Organic produce is definitely healthy, but pricey.

While many don’t have room to build a garden or plant crops in their HDBs, you can volunteer to grow your own food at Edible Garden City.


Buying from a grocery store is a lot faster and more convenient, but we can’t wait to experience farm fresh produce.

6. Massive Golden Village Cinema

Movie-goers who crave the ultimate big screen movie experience, will be happy to chill at the Golden Village Cinema branch at Funan.

With more theatres, CBD workers don’t have to travel far for the upcoming release of Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker in December.

7. Co-living serviced apartments designed by millennials for millennials

lyf – owned by The Ascott Limited – will offer vibrant and Instagram-worthy coliving serviced apartments for technopreneurs, start-ups and creatives.


lyf’s properties will feature spaces where tenants can host workshops, network with millennial professionals and exchange ideas with industry experts.

Workshops featuring artisans, innovation talks and hackathons with start-up accelerators will also be organised regularly.


Ordering fast food everyday? The social kitchen lets you sign-up for cooking classes, learn culinary tips and exchange exotic recipes with attendees.


8. WeWork office spaces for startups

Office space for entrepreneurs, startups or freelancers isn’t cheap.

Fortunately, WeWork – a confirmed vendor at Funan – will provide beautiful and flexible workspaces with super fast internet, IT support, business class printers and roasted coffee.


9. Facial recognition offices

New start-ups will be housed within office areas with facial recognition technology at the entrance. This means hands-free entry into your office spaces.


You won’t have to fumble around in your bags any more for your ID just to enter the office. Plus points for convenience if you’re the one arrowed to do the morning coffee run.

10. Chope parking lots online

Say goodbye to circling around a carpark endlessly hunting for a parking lot. Funan is apparently introducing a way to chope your slot online.

We hear that guests can reserve parking space ahead of time and pay for tickets too, regardless if they’re going to the mall or just staying in the neighbourhood.


11. eSports Tournaments

eSports fans, brace yourselves. GamePro is set to host eSports tournaments at the eSports zone within the mall. This could mean League of Legends, Overwatch or Dota competitions hosted right at the heart of the CBD district.


We can’t wait to support local gamers and watch heart-stopping tournaments.

The mall of the future

We’re still gushing over Jewel Changi Airport’s opening but we’ll have something new to visit very soon.


Funan is an all-in-one serviced apartment, office and shopping destination for those who prioritize speed, accessibility and convenience. If this is what the malls of the future will look like, then keep ’em coming.


Address: 109 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179097
Opening On: 28 Jun
Website: Funan

Article updated by Mugdha Jaruhar.
Featured image from CapitaLand.

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