Gardens By The Bay Dandelion Installation Lets You ‘Blow’ On The Fluffs & Send Them To Japan

Gardens By The Bay Dandelion Installation Allows Visitors To ‘Blow’ Fluff That’ll Bloom Into Virtual Peonies

In light of the Covid-19 travel restrictions, many Singaporeans have turned inwards to rediscover our local attractions.

Expectedly, Gardens by the Bay (GBTB) is one of the most popular destinations on the list.


From now till 15 Nov, GBTB visitors will be able to spread love to others around the world through a new Dandelion installation.


Gardens by the Bay Dandelion installation gives off soft glow

Located at the Supertree Grove lawn, the installation resembles a Dandelion fluff fitted with lights that emit a soft, ethereal glow.


The installation might appear unassuming in contrast to the towering Supertrees in the backdrop, but the projections on the ground hint that there might be more than meets the eye.

Indeed, that is the case.

Though physical connections might not be possible with the rest of the world, the installation lets visitors spread love to others around the world by ‘blowing’ at it, virtually.

Visitors can do so by scanning a QR code and subsequently pointing their phones at the installation.


Virtual specs will bloom into peonies in Japan

Just like a real Dandelion, the virtual blow will send floral fluffs flying. In the case of this interactive installation, those speckles will be sent virtually to similar exhibits in Tokyo, Japan, that are part of the Breath / Bless project:

  • Tokyo Tower
  • Miyashita Park

The fluffs will then bloom into peony projections there.


Likewise, our overseas friends who visit the installations in Japan would be able to ‘blow’ fluffs in our direction, which will appear as projected Sakura blooms at GBTB.

It’s almost as if we’re sending flowers across borders to show a sense of love and unity.

Installation opens 9 – 15 Nov, from 7 – 10pm

Conceptualised by Japanese creative company NAKED, the installations symbolise peace and show how humanity remain united despite the ‘barriers’ during these trying times.

Here are more deets on the Dandelion project at GBTB:

Dandelion installation
Supertree Grove (Lawn)
9-15 Nov 
Opening hours:
Entry fee:
Nearest MRT station: Bayfront

Do note that only 5 visitors are allowed at any one time to approach the installation, in light of social distancing measures.

A display of humankind’s solidarity amid these difficult times

The floral fluffs as part of the Breath / Bless project might be virtual, but are nonetheless an accurate representation of humanity’s resilience during these difficult times.

Though the pandemic has forced us to be physically separated, technology has once again allowed the world to bond as we see out this crisis.

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