Gengar Armchair Is A Massive Beanbag That Lets You Feel The Phantom’s Embrace

Gengar Beanbag Available In Japan For S$308

Long-time Pokémon gamers will recognise Gengar—a mischievous creature that flies and possesses people.


If you’re curious to know how a phantom’s embrace feels, we think you can finally get some answers.

Cellutane, a Japanese company, recently launched a Gengar armchair with the Pokémon’s trademark sinister smile.

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Though the Pokémon is well-known for its fearsome reputation, we believe it’ll willingly eat nightmares that creep up on its beloved trainer.

Gengar armchair feels like a massive beanbag

Rest is important when we’re rushing to meet upcoming deadlines. Avid Pokémon fans working from home can catch a break by resting on the Gengar armchair.

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Much like the chubby fictional character, the sofa is filled with stuffing, so it feels like you’re lounging on a massive beanbag.

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Gengar’s menacing grin and ears are easily noticeable from the front. However, the back has small spikes near the top of its head and slightly larger ones along its back.

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Thanks to the low armrest, you can literally feel his belly and arms hugging you, luring you into a comfortable nap.


Gengar armchair costs S$308

Valuable Pokémon merch comes at a price, and the same is the case for this Gengar armchair.

The Gengar sofa will cost you S$308.72 (¥25,990). Despite the price tag, it’s a worthy investment for those longing for a cosy downtime after WFH.


You can check out the dimensions for the sofa below.

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Available only in Japan for now

Sad to say, this Gengar armchair is only available in Japan at the moment. Your best bet is to get a friend in Japan to buy and ship it to your doorstep.

Like all things Pokémon, we’re hoping that it’ll arrive on our shores eventually. By that time, maybe you’ll be able to shell out a fortune for this sofa.

Is this sofa on your wishlist? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Rakuten

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