GetGo Lets You Rent A Car Without Deposits & Membership Fees, Only Pay For The Trip Covered

GetGo Is The First Car Rental Company In Singapore That Doesn’t Require Deposits & Membership Fees

Those of us who’ve used carsharing services would be familiar with the drill — register for an account, pay a deposit and membership fee, and wait for approval.

With all the extra charges and procedures, some of us might realise that renting a car for our errands isn’t as straightforward and affordable as we thought it’d be.

Thankfully, GetGo – the latest entrant to the scene – provides an easier alternative to budding drivers by lowering the barriers to renting a car.

Now, all customers have to pay for is the drive itself, without worrying about other fees — the first charging model of its kind in the industry.


Here’s how the platform works, in case you’re interested in checking it out.

No deposits & membership fees means lower barriers to renting a car

Chope-ing a car with other companies is akin to booking a hotel — you need to reserve the vehicle in advance and make a sizable deposit or holding fee beforehand.

Some carsharing companies may also ‘tie’ customers down with a membership programme that requires a fee to utilise the service.

But with GetGo’s pricing model, you need not worry about additional charges that might make you scratch your head when you see the bills.


Now, you can save yourself the headache and do some quick math to find out how much your trip costs.

In fact, there are only 2 factors at play:

  • Duration of booking
  • Mileage incurred

The time charge starts from $3/hr during off-peak hours, and will increase during other timings throughout the day when demand surges. Here’s a clearer breakdown:

Time charge
Off-peak hours 

(12am-5.59am daily) 

Normal hours

(6am-5.59pm on weekdays)
Peak period 

(6pm-11.59pm on weekdays, 6am-11.59pm on weekends & PH)


As for mileage, users are charged $0.40 per km travelled, which is inclusive of petrol, maintenance, and road tax.

Though parking charges still apply, you probably won’t feel the pinch as you’ll be saving some bucks from skipping membership fees.

Damage waiver keeps you worry-free on the road

Young drivers who are renting to clock more sessions behind the wheel need not feel nervous about minor mishaps.

The Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) serves as an airbag for your wallet, so you won’t end up biting off more than you can chew.

At just 5% of your total bill, it can save you up to $5,350 in insurance claims should you get into an accident.

Touch wood, but it’s better to be prepared as unfortunate events happen when you least expect them too.

A fuss-free car rental experience with GetGo

From the get-go, convenience seems to be the word that best describes GetGo’s game.

On top of bypassing deposits and membership fees, users can start driving mere minutes after registration.

This is made possible through the app’s integration with MyInfo — a Government service that already has our vital information stored safely.

There’s also no need for clunky keys and cards as users can book, unlock, and lock vehicles all via the GetGo app.

Just make sure your phone’s battery can last throughout your journey so that you can access the app, which is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Pay Store.

To celebrate the launch of the new feature, GetGo is offering new and existing users 25% off mileage charge (no cap) for valid bookings till 5 May, when they use the promo code “NODEPOMSN”.

As if all the savings so far aren’t enough, first time users can also get $8 off their maiden ride by keying in the promo code “MSN8OFF” under the payment section. The code is only valid till 30 Jun, so make sure to book your first car rental soon.

Screenshot via GetGo app

Now that $8 can go into other expenditures like your makan sesh with friends or the fam.

Only pay for what you use

As cost-conscious adults in Singapore, we’re always wary of hidden charges when shopping or using different services.

But with all those out of the way, we’ll know just what option to go for when it comes to renting a car.

Now, we’re one less roadblock away from going on a quick jaunt around the city.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with GetGo.

Featured image courtesy of GetGo Carsharing on Facebook.

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