Giant Has Groceries Like Seafood & Rice At Lower Prices, Shop Without Worrying About Inflation

Giant Has Groceries Like Seafood & Rice At Lower Prices, Shop Without Worrying About Inflation

Giant’s ‘Lower Prices That Last’ Campaign Keeps Grocery Prices Low To Battle Inflation

As the world emerges from the pandemic, most economies are going through a period of inflation, with prices for even basic necessities going up so much that we wince every time we add something to our shopping bag.

However, one supermarket chain here in Singapore is looking out for their customers by keeping their prices low.

Since 2020, Giant has been running their “Lower Prices That Last” campaign, which promises to keep hundreds of their products at the same low affordable prices every day.

lower prices that last

By saving a few cents here and there on groceries and other things, it can definitely help us feel less of the pinch — especially since the upcoming GST hike is kicking in soon.

Affordable groceries at Giant supermarkets

When Covid-19 struck in 2020 and affected many of us financially, Giant came to the rescue by reducing the prices of daily essentials.

This year, they’re adding even more items to the list, demonstrating their commitment to helping Singaporeans cope with the rising costs of living.

lower prices that last

As the economy continues to take a hit, having so many items remain at affordable rates is certainly a godsend.

lower prices that last

Image courtesy of Giant

No need to feel the pain of pricier kopi or cai png at hawker centres when you can cook your own meals with groceries from Giant, where prices will be marked down for at least three to six months.

Keeping your home clean and stocked with basic supplies will also be affordable for an extended period, so you won’t have to worry about household expenses anytime soon.

Whip up a feast for the family with fresh ingredients

Not only is cooking and eating in a healthier choice, but it’s also generally much cheaper.

Whipping up your own zhi char dishes at home will be a breeze when you have New Moon’s Premium Oyster Sauce, which will elevate any cooking.

lower prices that last

New Moon Premium Oyster Sauce — S$3.20 (U.P. S$4.20)

The sauce goes well with seafood dishes, so why not steam up some Golden Pomfret, which you can get two of for just S$6 at Giant.

lower prices that last

Golden Pomfret — 2 for S$6 (U.P. S$9)

Don’t forget to bring home a bag of Meadows’ Thai Hom Mali Rice because no Asian meal is complete without the staple food item.

Meadows Thai Hom Mali Rice 5KG — S$12.50

In case mum asks you to add more variety to your spread, here are some other ingredients which might come in handy:

  • Tiger Light Soy Sauce 640ml — S$1.60 (U.P. S$2)
  • Leafy Vegetables — 3 for S$2 (U.P. S$0.90 each)
  • Minced Pork — S$0.90 for 100g (U.P. S$1.29 for 100g)

Looking at the recipes available online, we won’t be surprised if you end up adding everything to your basket.

Thankfully, they won’t cost a fortune and you can still cook up a sumptuous feast for your family that’ll make even restaurant dishes pale in comparison.

Quick meals for those rushing for time

Of course, not everyone has the time or energy to prepare meals from scratch all the time. But fret not as Giant has you busy folks covered too.

Simply chuck a bag of Oliver’s Chicken Nuggets into an air fryer or a pot of oil, and you’ll easily get a quick meal out of it.

Oliver Chicken Nuggets — S$3 (U.P. S$4.25)

While you’re at it, replenish your supply of Myojo Packet Instant Noodles, especially if you often get late-night hunger pangs.

Myojo Packet Instant Noodles — S$2.25 for a pack of 5 (U.P. S$2.50)

A pack of five goes for S$2.25. Pair the dish with some Mili Pork Luncheon Meat (S$2.50) and CJ Bibigo Sliced Kimchi (two for S$3.90), and you could sort out your lunches or dinners for a week while also saving on your meals.

Snacks & beverages for late nights & early mornings

Now that your main meals have been settled, it’s time to hunt for snacks and drinks to accompany you during those Netflix binge-watching sessions or long work from home (WFH) days.

Get adventurous with the wide range of flavours that Meadows Potato Chips offer, from seaweed and wasabi to mala hotpot.

Assorted Meadows Potato Chips 60g — S$1

If you’d prefer something a little more guilt-free, reach for the Meadows Nature’s Heart Unsalted Mixed Nuts (S$3.35) for a healthy yet delicious treat.

Meadows Nature’s Heart Unsalted Mixed Nuts — S$3.35
Image courtesy of Giant

All that snacking can leave your throat a little dry — quench your thirst with Genki Forest Sparkling Water, which adds a refreshing spritz to your lepak sesh.

Genki Forest Sparkling Water 480ml — S$1.10 (U.P. S$1.50)

If you need a caffeine kick to keep you going, go the healthier route by mixing your coffee with Oatside Barista Blend Oat Milk for café-style concoctions.

Oatside Barista Blend Oat Milk 1L — S$5.40 (U.P. S$6)

At just S$5.40 for a 1-litre carton, those looking for a dairy-free alternative for their morning lattes would be hard-pressed to find a better deal out there.

Save on everyday essentials with Giant

To fully enjoy your food haul at home, you’d need a clean and comfortable space, which you can maintain with affordable household products from Giant.

Image courtesy of Giant

Thanks to Downy’s Concentrated Fabric Softener, you’ll have clean and fragrant clothes to lounge around in during your Netflix sessions.

These come in convenient refill packs which you can pour into any container without having to lug a huge bottle home from the supermarket.

Downy Concentrated Fabric Softener Refill 2L — S$8.50 (U.P. S$12.50)
Image courtesy of Giant

However, there’s no point wearing clean clothes if you aren’t all scrubbed down yourself. Rid your hair of the day’s stresses with Herbal Essences’ shampoos and conditioners which will leave you feeling refreshed.

Herbal Essences Shampoo & Conditioner 400ml — S$8.90 (U.P. S$12.90 each)

If the cold shower or sad movie has you sniffling, grab some tissue from the Meadows Home 3-Ply Softpack to prevent your snot from getting everywhere.

Meadows Home 3-Ply Softpack Tissue 4 x 100s — S$3.45 (U.P. S$4)

Stock up on multiple packs so you won’t run out in case of emergency spills or late-night crying after an exhausting day.

Look out for ‘Lower Prices That Last’ signs in store

Happily adding many items to your basket can often lead to a staggering shopping bill.

But that won’t be the case at Giant, where you can pick from hundreds of Lower Prices That Last products that you can identify by the unmistakable finger heart sign.

Banners with these signs will be on display across the entire store, with some outlets even dedicating entire sections to Lower Prices That Last products.

Some of the products which you can enjoy at lower prices include:

  • Fresh produce including fruits, vegetables, meats & seafood
  • Dairy & chilled products
  • Home care products
  • Health & beauty
  • Cooking essentials like flour, sugar & more

You can also check out the Giant website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more deals and updates.

After that, click here to find a store near you and get ready to shop away.

Grocery runs don’t always have to be so expensive

With reduced prices on everyday items, an ever-expanding list of product offerings, and a freshness guarantee, you’ll reap more benefits just by shopping at the right place and not have to worry about fluctuating rates.

Even if it’s just a few dollars, each small saving can grow into a huge amount over time.

With rising costs of living on everyone’s mind, you can rest easy knowing that grocery runs don’t always have to be so expensive — you just need to know where to go and what to look out for.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Giant.

Featured image by MS News.

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