Husband Dancing Beautifully In Delivery Room Was The Right Remedy For Wife’s Labour Pain

Dance Instructor Dances In Delivery Room To Distract Wife During Childbirth

Giving birth can be quite a painful & agonising process, to say the least. Throw your husband dancing into the mix, perhaps you’ll have a “remedy”.

Mr Wang, a man from Hainan, China did just that. In an attempt to ease his wife’s sufferings, he took quite the maverick approach by dancing before the delivery bed his wife was giving birth on.

A 1-min clip of the faithful husband dancing in a delivery room has been circulating on China social media site, Sina Weibo.

You can view the full video here:


Wife’s 1st time giving birth

Last Thursday (27 Jun) at around 3am, Mr Wang’s wife went into labour & had to be rushed to the hospital.

Mr Wang, being the supportive husband that he is, tagged along & followed her into the delivery room.

Mrs Wang is reportedly of advanced maternal age – older than 35 years old – and had never given birth before.

Understandably, she was extremely anxious & was drenched in sweat as a result of excruciating pain.

Husband dancing in a hospital gown

Seeing his wife in distress, Mr Wang asked the doctors to give her some painkillers.

Apparently, that didn’t help much. So Mr Wang, who happened to be a dance instructor, decided to take matters into his own hands.

Dressed in a blue hospital gown, Mr Wang broke out into a traditional dance to distract his wife.


At one point, Mr Wang even pulled off a pirouette. #DontPlayPlay

Standing ovation please

The hospital staff present couldn’t help but record a clip of this talented husband dancing.

His stunning performance successfully drew Mrs Wang’s focus away from the pain. She delivered their baby son safely at 6.30am.


The tale of Mr Wang’s heroics has circulated widely, with many hailing him as a great husband.


An inspiration to husbands across the world

Congratulations to Mr Wang & his wife for their newborn son.

While not everyone in the world can dance as well as Mr Wang, we hope that he has inspired husbands across the world to shower their expecting wives with care & concern.

This would go a long way in making them feel better throughout their pregnancy & ultimately, childbirth.

Featured image from Miaopai and Miaopai

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