Move Over Drake, Because Go-Ahead Singapore’s New MD Actually Did Start From The Bottom


Here’s a boss who understands the hardships of his employees

No, we are not sarcastic at all — because Mr Nigel Wood, the current Managing Director of Go-Ahead Singapore is spending more than SBS Transit and SMRT on the wages of his workers.

According to The Straits Times, Go-Ahead’s starting basic wage of $1,865 is about 5 to 15 percent higher than what SMRT and SBS offer their drivers.



Who would have thought such a boss exists?

Well, Mr Wood used to be a bus driver back in London 21 years ago, which probably explains why he’s so generous to his new employees.

He is able to put himself in the shoes of bus drivers because he understands the hardships they face coupled with the long and strenuous hours of driving.

Started from the bottom

In 1995, he used to be a PCV Driver trainee at London General Transport Services Ltd and two years later he was a Night Controller at London Central.

He only started working at Go-Ahead London as an Assistant Operating Manager in Sep 2003. Eight years later, he climbed up the corporate ladder and became the Managing Director of Go-Ahead Singapore.

Which is quite fascinating considering the fact that he only started out as a mere bus driver!

Mr Wood said “Many (drivers) wish to provide for themselves and their families, to work in a comfortable and nurturing environment, and to be given opportunities to grow,” he said. “We have developed an employment package in close consultation with the union.”

More benefits for drivers if they choose to work with Go-Ahead Singapore

Beyond just higher wages, Mr Wood took the driver’s welfare into consideration too.

These are the benefits Mr Wood are throwing in to entice existing bus drivers from its rival company:

  1. Starting basic wage: $1865/ month
  2. Experienced bus captains: $2000 sign-on bonus
  3. New employees: $1000 one-off retention bonus
  4. 26 weeks paid maternity leave for female workers (more than 16 weeks offered by most firms)
  5. Drivers will stand to earn ore bonuses for meeting safety targets
  6. Annual allowance of $430 to $830 to be spent on medical, skills upgrading courses or leisure
  7. Free public and bus train service
  8. Drivers can earn up to $3000 with overtime, allowance and incentives

Those who are hopping over to Go-Ahead will pretty much be feeling like this:



Go-Ahead Singapore will start operation this September

Go-Ahead’s services will run on several existing and a few new routes, after the Group won a five-year contract last month. The Britain-based company will have 25 bus routes operating in Loyang from the third quarter of 2016.

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Featured Image via Go-Ahead Singapore
With reference to The Straits Times, Channel News Asia, The Straits Times




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