Goh Chok Tong Getting Radiation Therapy, Advises S’poreans To Get Screened

Ex-PM Goh Chok Tong Treated For Cancer Discovery

Former Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong recently retired from politics before GE2020 after decades serving Singapore. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to enjoy his retirement due to a growing list of medical issues.

On Wednesday (16 Dec), the MParader shared on Facebook that he’ll be going for radiation therapy to clear his body of possible cancer cells.


This comes after he discovered that there was a suspicious lump in his voice box and had it removed.

To ensure that the cancer is fully removed, however, he’ll need to go for radiation therapy over the next 4 weeks.

But Mr Goh shared that the survival rate for catching cancer early is very high — at over 90%.

Goh Chok Tong discovers skin cancer on removes

When it rains, it pours for Mr Goh, he quipped in the post.

First, he removed his kidney stone, then had to biopsy a “suspicious nodule” in his voice box.

The lump turned out to contain squamous cells, which are a form of skin cancer.

Luckily, after removing the suspicious nodule, a subsequent MRI of the neck and CT scan of the chest revealed no other traces of these “bad cells”.

This means the cancer hasn’t spread to other parts of his body.

Radiation therapy to remove other cancer cells

However, Mr Goh will have to go for 20 radiation therapy sessions over the next 4 weeks to ensure all cancerous cells don’t remain.


Radiation therapy blasts parts of the body to kill or halt cancer cells.

“What a way to celebrate the festive season!”, he noted.

Encourages everyone to get health screenings for cancer

Mr Goh said that he shares his medical episodes to encourage people to go for regular health screenings.

In his own experience, a lump in the throat and a voice change should be a cause to go see a ear, nose, and throat doctor.

Otherwise, the delay “may be costly”.

Spotting and treating cancer early has a high survival rate – at over 90% –

But if we treat it later after the cancer has spread, the survival rate dips below 30%.

Mr Goh helpfully shares that the Ministry of Health has a Screen for Life programme that’s subsidised for Singaporeans.


You can check out more info about that here.

Thundery showers will hopefully pass

While cancer sounds extremely scary, Mr Goh is optimistic that his 20 therapy sessions over the next few weeks will mark a turning point in his health.

He hopes to be medically clear before the Chinese New Year on 12 Feb, as well as more good years after.

It’s good to know that Mr Goh spotted his skin cancer early, and is now getting treatment.

Certainly, anyone should be able to enjoy their golden years in good health.

MS News wishes the best for Mr Goh and hopes he makes a speedy recovery.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Parkway Cancer Centre.

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