Gong Cha Pandan Pearl Milk Tea Now On GrabFood

From nasi lemak to cakes, foods including pandan can be found in much of our cuisine and that of our neighbours. There’s certainly something particularly Southeast Asian about the fragrance.

And now, you can savour that fragrance in your bubble tea with Gong Cha’s new topping — pandan pearls.


They can be found exclusively on GrabFood delivery – which happens to have a green motif – so your task now should be to find some willing friends to share the fee and tips.

Gong Cha pandan food in a drink

We may be most familiar with tapioca pearls as our go-to topping, but various bubble tea shops have come up with their own take on the chewy balls.

While pandan pearls aren’t exactly new, the flavour should be something most Singaporeans are familiar with.

You can add them to your milk tea or green tea order, the latter perhaps if you’re a huge fan of anything that’s green.

Image courtesy of Gong Cha

Available on GrabFood delivery

Before you go rushing to your nearest Gong Cha outlet, you should know that the flavour is available exclusively on GrabFood delivery.

“But I’m working from home,” you say, and you can’t really tank the delivery costs or be able to justify such expenses.

Well, perhaps it’s time to put that GrabFood group order function to use and jio your colleagues or loved ones.

Place your order while stocks last

The offer is only limited while stocks last, it seems, so there’s every chance that you may not find the offer, say, a few weeks from now.

If you’re feeling adventurous, perhaps taking a gander at this Pandan Pearl-radise may be your next order on GrabFood.

Image courtesy of Gong Cha

A medium-sized drink will set you back $4.10, while a large goes for $5.20, not inclusive of other fees.

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Featured image courtesy of Gong Cha.