Grab Is Looking For GrabCare Service Volunteers, Drivers Will Ferry Healthcare Workers

GrabCare Seeks Volunteer Drivers After People Shunned When Going To TTSH Via Grab

In recent days, shunning of healthcare workers has allegedly increased following a Covid-19 cluster emerging at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH).

Despite efforts from the community and ministers to discourage such behaviour, some fears sadly manifest in unsavoury behaviour.

Some TTSH Nurses Allegedly Evicted On Short Notice, MOH Working To Provide Accommodation

In light of recent events, Grab has set up a service for healthcare professionals to get to hospitals more easily.

Parliament Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin had highlighted how an MP had Grab rides to TTSH cancelled on them.

MP tries to get ride to TTSH but drivers cancel

According to Mr Tan’s post on Tuesday (11 May), the Member of Parliament (MP) had tried to book a Grab ride to TTSH after Parliament ended.

However, drivers apparently cancelled the assignment when they saw the destination.


At least 3 rides were cancelled, from a screenshot that Mr Tan showed.


Mr Tan then urged everyone to support frontliners, as it’s the least we can do.

Grab looking for GrabCare volunteer drivers

In an update to the post, Mr Tan said that Grab had contacted him about some updates.

In case we need a reminder, Grab has a service just for healthcare workers.

GrabCare is an initiative by Grab to allow healthcare staff to get to and from hospitals more easily.

S’pore Healthcare Workers Can Now Rely On GrabCare, A New 24-Hour Car Service Just For Them

Through the initiative, volunteer drivers will get more hygiene kits and have a 10% commission rate compared to other services.

It’s only available to staff whose HR have partnered with Grab, but you can contact your healthcare organisation’s HR department if you don’t access to it yet.

Sign up as GrabCare volunteer

What the MP went through is likely a reality for healthcare workers who need to get to and from hospitals now.

When nurses were shunned during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many signed up as volunteer drivers to ferry them.

Grab hopes that more drivers can step up to help the ones in need, just as before, and are planning a recruitment drive soon.

So if you’re interested in volunteering for GrabCare, you can check out this link.

Now more than ever, frontliners are fighting a battle within hospitals and other healthcare places.

Encouraging and helping them is what we should be doing.

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